Whole30- challenge for the month

04 Jan

Hey Squad,

If you are following me on instagram you have been enjoying the wonderful dinners we have been having as part of this month’s Whole30 challenge.

When it comes to actually making the meals, that is handled by my wonderful husband.  He gets things started as I am commuting home and so we are not eating at 9pm.

We decided to start this because we got a little too comfortable with the idea of “eating out healthy”  Its really not a thing am I right?

Once you are in a restaurant, suddenly the appetizers sound good so you order one or two, you says yes to a cocktail and then the healthy meal choice is further put at risk when you say “sure, I will look at the dessert menu.”

As long as we do not get sick of eating all our dinners at home and with each other, this should go well for the month.

If you have any photo worthy meals you would like to share. tag me!

Cheerfully yours,


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