These little piggies.

01 Sep

Hey Squad,

This weekend, I was playing a game of This Little Piggy with my youngest grandson’s toes. He giggled and pulled his feet away because they are so ticklish. It’s adorable seeing him anticipate the “all the way home” to his chin.

Check ou the Father picture in the back !

This is the exact opposite experience for my piggies. They are taking a beating in this marathon training. After all my miles last week,the one place that stayed sore was my big toe on the right foot. (For those of you who don’t know, this is the piggy that goes to the market. )

I thought it was just sore but today, it’s black and blue. That toenail is toast. UGH. Plus the baby toe on the other foot is still healing from the epic blister. The worst part is I can’t wear my house slippers to work and those are the only shoes that do not hurt.

I am not sure why this happened, followed all the tips.

shoes – not too tight

socks- wick a way fabric

feet- covered in glide so nothing sticks

terrain- combo of concrete and trails

It must be the weather. Nothing I can do about the heat and sweat that drenched my sneakers.

So I am taking the piggies to the drug store (again) for more cushioning prior to tonight’s running class.

Cheerfully yours,


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