Smart Coach training plan review

10 Sep




I am on week 10 on my training plan and I have to say it has done me well.  I would recommend it but it does lack the human factor.

Here is the note I received  today .  no warm fuzzies here:

Rest Day

 Take a rest day, or do some cross-training such as walking, biking, swimming, elliptical training or strength training. Rest days are when your body recovers, and builds muscle and fitness. Some runners undermine their training plans by exercising too much on rest/recovery days; don’t be one of them.


Science has proven it: Listening to music while you run can reduce your perception of effort and elevate your mood. Runner’s World has collected playlists from the nation’s top runners, along with songs that scientists have proven will help you pick up the tempo. You can find the perfect sound track for your next run on the playlists page on

Sort of blah blah.  I am always running faster than my plan dictates and I havent gone back in to change anything.  I am not sure why I would.

I have not received a  “way to go ” motivating email during the whole training plan or even a personalization in the greeting.

So if you are looking for a plan with warm fuzzies this isn’t one.


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