RnR Philadelphia

19 Sep

Hey Squad,

I was afraid to even post about my upcoming race last weekend.  I worried Mother Nature would have another trick up her sleeve just like in VA Beach.  As it turned out the race went off without a hitch.

This is my second time running Philadelphia and I still say it is the best first marathon course ever.  I was fortunate to have to first timers with me and they were so inspiring!

You can explain the experience to someone in very clear detail, but until they actually do it, its a mystery.  I did my best to coach them thru training and on race day.

They ROCKED it.  I was/am so proud.

Personally, I am rehab-ing a pulled hamstring and so happy I finished.  I give most of the credit to K-T tape. I was fortunate enough to find the booth at the expo and get mine taped up. It worked like a charm.

So now, its hydrate, foam roll and rest until Saturday when I plan to head out again for a little light running.

Cheerfully yours!


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