NSV- non scale victories


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Hey squad,

I learned a new term this month. NSV- non scale victory.  The key part of the Whole30 challenge is that you commit to not weighing yourself for 30 days.  This is so that you do not get encourage if the scale does not move, or due to bloat as your body detoxes you gain. Its all temporary in the process so you should avoid it.

I am halfway thru the Whole30 and I won’t lie, its been rough.  I feel like it been such a learning experience.  Its important to celebrate all your NSVs when you start a plan. I think that now that we bring more awareness to things like this, you can stick to it.  One of my lines has been, “do not let any number on the scale or the tag of your clothes, dictate how you feel about yourself. ” Celebrating NSVs helps support that.
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  1. The whole 30 is a tough program. I have not done it bc I am a vegetarian but as someone who does not weigh themselves anymore, I am all about NSV. Keep it up!

  2. MichaelAddix

    a fineoffers
    Are you in?


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