Wrapping up the Whole30

28 Jan

Hey Squad,

Monday marks the end of the Whole30 challenge for me and challenging it was!

Here is what I experienced.

I cook more ( yes myself) and I plan ahead more.  I learned that you never want to be too far away for an approved food choice because temptation is everywhere.

My workout endurance shot thru the roof.  In the past it was very tough to stick to a strength training plan due to fatigue mid week.  I no longer have that.

My sleep is amazing.  I used to wake up in the middle of the night several times. That no longer happens.

Finally my mood has leveled off and I am not experiencing “the blues” as often. This makes sense since serotonin is produced in the gut. You can read all about it in the link I have provided.

What all this means for me is that I do not want to go back to the sleep deprived, fatigued person again.  I am going to stick with this meal plan although I will use a lot more plant protein. I will also add back in paleo (non whey) protein powders and the occasional gluten free breads.

I am ok with saying goodbye to chips. It will be tough to keep that up, but the benefits outweigh the crispy goodness.

Whole30 is something I would recommend if you have an inkling that something is holding you back from your optimal performance.  Its easy enough to stick to it for 30 days and you will know after 20 days what effects it has.  The only way to determine what was causing your symptoms would be to add back things one at a time.  I am not up for that because the detox process was way tough. ( que- Cranky phyllis)

I call this an overall NSV ( non scale victory) since I have not weighed myself.  Its really not about that since I have experienced so many overall benefits.  I feel lighter even if the scale doesn’t reflect that on Monday.

Happy to answer any questions of you have them.

Cheerfully yours,





Vacation reboot

29 Jul

I am happy to be back from vacation! I know that sounds strange but it was such a wonderful time and so relaxing and full of love,sun and hugs that I am happy to be back!
It’s time to debut the re booted self! I made the mistake of taking too long between breaks and won’t be making that one again.
So if you guys see or hear my ends start to unravel please leave a comment on the blog and I will start making plans.
I decided to give my blog a sharper focus and I will be blogging more on the benefits of an active lifestyle. I am so passionate about getting people, especially women moving and I want to bring my readers more information.



Changing it up

12 Feb

I am sticking to my workout plan for the Nike Wonen’s Half marathon as much as possible, but the weather is not allowing me any outside running.

My cold weather gear is becoming my comfy clothes and I am really concerned about that.  I have to really push myself to get out there this weekend.  I will give myself a pass  for last weekend due to the blizzard on Saturday and the roads being awful on Sunday. But this weekend, I have to make it happen.

My new favorite fuel is komubucha.  I know alot of vegan swear by it and I tried it over a year ago and could not drink it.  Now I love it.  I discovered this new flavor.

Cranberry chia kombucha.  It has all the goodness of chia seeds and the taste of cranberry. I love it.

If you are new to kombucha, I suggest you start with Gingerade.  Its a nice introductory flavor .  Kombucha has all kinds of live probiotics and it so good for you.  They sell it at Whole Foods and most convenience stores too.  You will love it!


your galfriday4fitness


Green Smoothie- Winterized and training schedule for the week

10 Feb

The one good thing about staying in the house, because of a blizzard, you have the chance to make that soup recipe you have been dying to try.

I am happy to announce that my Green Smoothie now has a warm yummy version.  Green Soup and it is delicious.

It is not as easy to make as the green smoothie thats for sure, but you can make a whole batch and have it for many lunches and dinners.

Here is the link to the site, Morgans Green Soup. There is Kale, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, and coconut milk in there!

I also thought it would be fun to make some protein pancakes this morning.  I haven’t had a lot of success with these in the past, but today I had a much better result using , Vanilla Almondilla.  It was awesome how well they turned out.  I had them with almond butter and raspberry jam.

What is great about this post is that I have struggled with lack of appetite for almost two years.  To be excited about making food again and the way food tastes is pretty much a breakthrough for me.

Training schedule for the week:

Monday- Run

Tues- Yoga @ Equinox

Wed- Cross train with team in training

Thurs- Run@ Equinox

Fri- rest

Sat- Run with team in training

Sun- cross train class

By the way, there will be planking going on at my desk daily.  Drop by if you have a 1:50 to spend with me.



Start Clean 2013

06 Jan

I have been very lucky as stated in my previous blog posts to have found what works for me and my nutrition for running and exercise.

This year in the list of online challenges, there is a great one that I whole heartedly endorse if you are looking for a way to examine what you eat.

Its not about being VEGAN or vegetarian, its about making choices that you feel good about.  There is a calendar with a daily reminder that is easy to incorporate into your life and a wonderful facebook support group.  Also, there are prizes ! You don’t have to be a blogger or be on twitter to be involved.  Check it out, I think it is a great step in a right direction.   Katie is a wonderful positive force in the health and wellness world.

start clean 2013
I always say, you can’t exercise your way out of a poor diet, so make this your year!


your galfriday4fitness

Still moving forward

30 Dec

Happy New Years Eve Everyone!

I had hoped that I would be running today and joining everyone on a virtual 5K tomorrow but this happened. I have been ignoring a pain in my foot since my run on Thursday and when I could not do my recovery yoga on Saturday morning I took myself to the drs.  Rest Ice and Elevate until  I see the ortho this week. There is nothing acute that says we will stop me from my 2013 race plans yet so I am hopeful.







Despite my one foot status, I was able to get myself moving  mostly upper body work of course .  I did miss my long run today.

Here is how my week ended up for the HBBC

5 runs- Thank you to everyone who ran for the Pams 5K

5 yogavibes work outs- love you Zooma race series for this training gift

6 strengths and core workouts- WOW was something else this week.

hit my veggies everyday.- can’t miss with a green smoothie and a salad everyday 🙂

On Wednesday I threw out every cookie that was sent home from the holidays.  It was tough to do, but i can’t do the sugar.  I love my family and they were very excited to share several vegan cookie recipes.

If you need a tip to keep you on  track for the rest of the challenge here is what has worked for me.

Never leave your house hungry!  I always eat before I go anywhere.

Have a good time ringing in the new year!


your galfriday4hire


Training and taking it up a notch!

12 Dec

Over the last week, I have met some really awesome people who have really inspired me to keep going and moving along.

Vegan Divas – Yummy delicious donuts.  I have been trying to get to this place for a while and on Saturday it finally happened. I had the cinnamon and the coconut donuts and they were glorious.  I also got the vegan quiche and had that for brunch on Sunday and it was amazing.  The taste was out of this world.  I am definitely going to make this my after team in training run on Saturday treat.

Sparkly Soul– I met Kristina from Sparkly Soul at the Team in Training expo and she was amazing.  She told me all about her team in training experience, as well as complimented me on my health and wellness journey.  She is an amazing health advocate.  The headbands are amazing.

 Team Tough Chik– This group is just amazing.  They are so supportive and all about a very positive message of promoting sports for women.  They also helped support me when I needed it.  Experience in this world of health and wellness is very valuable and I appreciate their counsel very much.

I recently read a great story from a post on No Meat Athlete:

 “If you want to take the island, burn your boats”

 This cliche gets tossed around a lot, especially in business books, but I love it.

When we set goals — especially, the big, scary, exciting ones that move us to act — our natural tendency is to leave ourselves an out.

We’ve learned that sometimes we fail, and it’s not much fun. We’ve also learned that when we fail publicly, in front of our friends, it sucks even more.

And so when you set that crazy goal, the one that has the potential to change your life or even define it, there’s a decision you make at the outset, often without realizing it.

The decision is to either bet on yourself — by telling every single person who will listen to you what you intend to do — or to bet against yourself, by keeping it a secret.

You know, just in case you fail. Smiley face.

“I’ll surprise everyone,” we say. “I’ll make all these huge changes in secret, and one day, when I run my marathon / finish my triathlon / celebrate my year as a vegetarian / quit my job, then everyone will see what I’m capable of.”

This, of course, is total bullshit. It’s fear, and all that stuff we tell ourselves is just rationalization.

So what do you do instead?

Tell everyone. Put it on Facebook. Put it on your blog. Set up a public Google Doc where you’ll track your progress, and invite the people you most respect to keep you in line. Find a partner. Write it on your forehead if you have to. Make a deal with a friend that you’ll pay them 100 bucks if you quit. Or that you’ll donate that money to a charity that you hate.

Whatever your boat is, burn it. Instead of protecting yourself so that failing won’t hurt, use that fear of failing as one more reason not to fail.

And if you fail — and make no mistake, you might — I promise it’ll be good for you. While everyone was sitting on the couch watching Dancing with the Stars, you were out there trying. Making progress towards something that matters. Doing instead of watching.

If it doesn’t work out, is that really something to be ashamed of?

So I am burning my boats:

Here is my race calendar for 2013

Jan 18- Zooma Women’s Half – Amelia Island, FL*

Mar. 23- Sleepy Hollow Half- Sleepy Hollow, NY*

April 28- Nike Women’s Half – Washington DC- TEAM IN TRAINING*

June 1- Zooma Women’s Half- Annapolis, MD*

August 10- Sea Wheeze Half- Vancouver Canada

Sept. 15- Rock n Roll Philadelphia*

Oct. ? – Staten Island Half

Dec. – TBD Would love to do the Rock and Roll Vegas Half





your galfriday4hire


Staying on track

04 Dec

Yesterday I received my thank you gift from Vitacost for hosting my first blog commercial.

I received a great batch of desk goodies that will really help keep me away from anything naughty around the office over the next few days.

I received a Vega French Vanilla Shake.  I am a HUGE fan of Vega One and all their products.  These are great to have to drink in the afternoon.

The teechia cereal mix really intrigues me.  Its got every good for you grain in it and some blueberries and dates too.  It looks delicious and a nice substitute for my gluten free oatmeal.

Who doesn’t love hand lotion especially in the winter and gum and  a cookie like snack?  Unfortunately it was cocoa so I can’t eat it.  I gave it to a friend that I am working hard on convincing to go dairy free. She loved it.






This box brought me to the topic for this post – Staying on track. 

Luckily, I work in a very health conscious office.  We do have the occasional box of donut holes around.  Many people work in offices that are constantly stocked with bagels, donuts, and temptations of all kinds.

I found the best way to stay on track is to stay full. The easiest was is to stay HYDRATED.  Often when we think we are hungry we are really thirsty.  Drink at least 8 glasses of each day.

Much on the crunchy stuff.  Cut up apples, carrots sticks, celery sticks fill me up.  I am dipping them into almond butter or hummus for a really good snack 🙂

Drink protein shakes.  They fill you up and then you will be able to walk right past that cookie plate.

And my biggest tip- NEVER leave the house hungry.


your galfriday4hire



“Wow, you fell hard”- quote from Adrienne

19 Nov

No, I am not injured, I fell hard off the vegan wagon this weekend.  Well, I didn’t fall as much as I leaped off the wagon into the past and the home cooked comfort of the Thanksgiving foods I made for my kids as they grew up.I had all the intention of making a vegan side dishes and my daughter had everything vegan there for me, but when faced with the choice to go left or right, I went left.

This is a first for me after making the choice to be vegan so many months ago.

So what did today bring me back to?  I just started over.  I am happily eating everything I ate – sunbutter spread on gluten free crackers, green smoothies, dairy free cheese.  It will take a few days for all the inflammation to leave but I will be fine.

I have trained my body to do well on a plant based diet and get all it needs from those sources and I am proud of the changes it has made to my energy level.  I would eat meat and dairy if it didnt make me feel do sluggish and sleepy.  The quote above was said after I exclaimed how good the stuffing would taste the next morning with bacon and a fried egg over it and left over gravy..

The weekend was EPIC.  Since we will all be in different locations, we got together this weekend for STRANDSGIVING,thus the Thanksgiving feast on Nov. 17.  Dylan, Jack, Chuck and I, plus Aunt Rah – thats what they call Laura and Adrienne or Friend as Dylan called her, there for the weekend .  It was great.  If you ever want to have your heart melt, play Sorry with Dylan.  He is so wonderful that everytime someone gets sent back to start, he says, “its ok its just a game.”  ADORABLE.

I had an amazing MOM moment that doesn’t happen as often when your kids are 30, 28, and 26. this is almost its own blogpost.  On Saturday morning, everyone had to go somewhere and I took the opportunity to go for a run, because thats what I do.  I am past the part where I need the cheerleading on and the good job you are running.  So off  I went down the road, about a mile and a half in, a jeep comes along and honks, in it is my son in law Ed, my husband Chuck and my two grandsons, Dylan and Jack .  They waved and drove on.  I was so excited to see them and thought, WOW this is great they saw me running!  It dawned on me that they actually saw me doing what I talk so much about. Then about mile 3 and half a red car comes along and honks and its my daughter Laura and my daughter Pam.  Pam rolls down the window and shouts SWEATPINK! as they drive past.   I didn’t hear that she told me afterwards. So they saw me too!

That was a good run and it was amazing fate that with all the roads around the beach that I would come across my family on my run.

Even when I don’t see them and they don’t see me, they are always with me in my heart.

Love you guys,



your galfriday4hire