Run, sleep, work, run, sleep, run …

30 Aug

Hey Squad,








I have not had a chance to update you this week. I can sum it up in one word for you.


I ran more miles in one week than I ever had- 35 miles . I touched my target pace 10:41 and I felt great during my long run of 15 miles. Next week, more of the same.
The NYRR class on Tuesday proves to be so worth it week after week. On Wednesday, I will join a running group to prep for the FEED 10K in September. Any opportunity for a group run always pushes me farther and makes me a better runner.
Anyone else running it?

Cheerfully yours,


Getting it done #strandgirlsrunnyc

23 Aug

Hey Squad,

Wonders never cease, I completed all three runs for a total of 26.8 miles. I look back on it and I am still in disbelief.

On the last post, I had it all planned out, where and when I would run. Well nothing went according to that plan. On Friday it was raining so I didn’t run in NYC on the west side highway. I ran in the evening in Fairfield. Six miles after a rest day felt great. On Saturday, I was to run the 15 miles. I had planned to go to Southport, but did the exact opposite and ran to and from Bridgeport. 13 miles went well, then the heat got to me. I was out of everything liquid so I walked the last two miles.  Today, I was going to another town to run and then have brunch, but on Friday I read my favorite brunch place was sold !

So today,I expected aches and pains, but nope five miles went swimmingly.  I won’t lie, I did have a toe causality. It’s a blister that’s pretty epic. I found these padded self adhesive gauze pads that are heaven. I could run today with very little discomfort.  I also have the worst sunglass tan lines !

My virtual trainer gave me a high five and a time lapsed video of the marathon. It’s very cool.

Next week I have to get a handle on this sleep thing, I feel a little punchy!










Cheerfully yours,


3 days 26 miles

20 Aug

Hey squad,

This is going to be a big weekend. I will be running a total of 26 miles over Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I will try to add in a .2 so that is the complete marathon distance.

My NYRR training plan has it out for me.

6 on Friday- I plan to run the West Side highway in NYC.
15 on Saturday- I plan to run my Southport/Fairfield beach, ending up on the sand for the rest of the day.
5 on Sunday- I plan to go to South Norwalk and run my old route that I trained on and then eat HUGE brunch afterwards.

I am a big believer of “burning your boat” in other words putting out into the world what you intend to do in order to keep accountable. So this post is lighting the match.








If you follow me on instagram @phyllis4fitness1 you can track my progress. I will do a blog update on Sunday night.

What do you have planned for the weekend?

Cheerfully yours,


Social Media and #runners

19 Aug

Hey Squad,

Here is a tip, if on Race Day

If a person asks if they can ask you a few questions and take your picture. – Say yes.

This was great and I have gotten so much positive feedback from the comments.  I even received an email from a wonderful lady asking where I got my running skirt.  I was able to find them online and sent her the link.  They were on sale!  I ordered an extra pair for me too.


Also, I am really enjoying Periscope. Everyday I get to check in with the amazing Amanda from Runtothefinish #runnerscope . She was the first fitness blogger I connected with over 3 years ago and her blog posts and encouragement has made her invaluable to me. She does a daily chat #runnerscope and it’s awesome. I get the notification that she is live and I pop into a conference room to participate. Check her out for amazing words of wisdom.
Cheerfully yours,


The training continues.

16 Aug

Hey Squad,

What a week of training. Emotionally, I have been all over the map and my sleep has been awful, but the marathon waits for no one.

It was back  to Central Park for the second long training run of the marathon season.  It was a gorgeous, hot summer morning.

I learned from my other training runs, that I needed a better nutrition and hydration routine.  This run was much better on both fronts.  Breakfast was eaten an hour before the run and I took Pro Blocks and Gatorade with me.  This was a NYRR event so there was plenty of water stations, plus Misting sessions which was wonderful.

Mile 10 hit and there was the dreaded SUCK.  I felt tired and ready to be done, but with 4 miles to go.  It’s the brain saying stop and the body following suit.  There was nothing wrong with my legs, so I told the brain to shut up and finish.  It was tough, really tough.   Every week I want to push it further out and continue to gain stamina.

Luckily, there are 72 days until the race so plenty of time.

Update- Sherpa down!  Chuck’s knee pain has become severe and he is off to the sports orthopedic surgeon this week. We have done all the self care we could on this injury and now its time for medical intervention.

I am ready to start the next week.  This Tuesday is hill training with the running class. YIKES.

Cheerfully yours,