Good vibes workout

15 Jan

Hey Squad,

This week I wanted to post a different kind of work out for you.  This week will be a week of change and for some people change  brings up lots of anxiety.  Anxiety produces cortisol in your body and that lands in your mid section as belly fat.

One non cardio way to fight that production of cortisol is to meditate. Studies show that even 5 minutes a day lower your heart rate and improve your respiration.  Also, like HIIT workouts that burn calories even after the workout, meditation has benefits all day long. Lets meditate five minutes a day and send good vibes out to the country.

If you need a great online tool ( and app) to help guide you, I recommend Calm  The ocean sounds have been playing in the background while I was typing this today. It has been lovely.

I leave you with a quote that came up in my twitter feed this week

“If you really want to rebel, practice kindness”… (unknown)  
Cheerfully yours,

thought for the day

20 Sep


As I commuted thru backpack searches and bomb sniffing dogs today I thought of this quote.

I am going to try to keep this in mind as I move thru my days.

The world would be a better place if everyone did the same don’t you think.

Who knew that the Apple update could bring such Zen?

Has anyone else discovered the Breathe app on the Apple Watch?

Every five hours it buzzes to remind me to focus on my breathe for one solid minute.

Focus on the positive squad!

Cheerfully yours,


Pause to plan

21 Feb

Hey squad,

Sometimes I just don’t know what to do with all the to-dos!

Like listening to podcasts, I am a little late to the regular practice of meditation. Luckily there is an app for that.

Calm app
Calm app

It does help slow the chaos down a bit so that I can re prioritize. I plan on getting it all sorted for the week and knocking that list into just a few notes.
So, if you happen to ride metro north and hear someone taking really deep breathes, it me. I promise not to break into “ohm”s.

Cheerfully yours,

Starting to turn left instead of right

17 Aug







This week I started making a few left turns instead of right turns in my day and I ended up liking the things I have found. Sometimes times this has been literal, like on my walks to and from Grand Central and sometimes in the way I approach a problem. I am trying to look at things from a different angle and get a new perspective on things.
I feel this is the benefit of expanding my yoga practice and more confident in breaking those usual routines. When I began my wellness journey it gave me the CONTROL I needed to get my health back in order and now that I am BLESSED to have my health I can TRUST that all is well and EXPLORE life confidentially.
So, sometimes I turn left instead of right.
Also- The blog is one year old this month- now launched in Aug 2012.
Here is a quick update
30 minutes of exercise daily is one of my biggest messages.
I am no longer vegan! I started eating meat again in June. I eat about 12 ozs a week. I follow a whole foods diet. no processed foods.
I am still dairy free and have been gluten free for 16 days ( not that I am counting)
Currently, I am training for the Marine Corp 10K that I will be running on Oct. 27. Hoping for a Fall Half Marathon but my IT band injury for Spring doesnt like when I run more than 25 miles a week, so I am keeping the distances to 5Ks and 10Ks for the Fall this year.