Everything I need to know in life, I learned by running a marathon

17 Feb

Hey Squad,

As we are all aware ( well maybe not everyone) the lottery for the TCS NYC 2016 marathon closes on Friday.
I have been thinking a lot about my marathon experience and have come up with this very deep observation on life based on the experience.

Everything I need to know in life I learned from running a marathon

  1. Preparation is everything.
  2. No bullshitting your readiness with out consequences i.e injuries and hours of PT
  3. Running is better with a group, but ultimately its you and the road
  4. Showing up is more than half the battle, your heart will lead you to the best outcome
  5. If you don’t love what you are doing you will never be great at it
  6. You are the star in your own show. Give yourself good PR (avoid negative self talk)
  7. Everyone will still love you  employ you, talk to you, etc) if you make time for yourself
  8. Read number 7 again
  9. There are signs along the way that will influence you, challenge you, and make you smile.
  10. Remember to thank the sign holders

And yes, I signed up for the lottery because well…  that would be number 11. I am crazy.

Cheerfully yours,


Running and training, what else is there ?

06 Sep

Hey Squad,

Awesome week of training behind me and I am happy to report all ten toes are healing up.  They never bother me when I run, its just when I try and wear regular shoes its a problem.  I am just going to lean into this and wear nothing but sneakers until the marathon. Business casual will have a whole new look !

I am logging some quality time watching the US Open and I am amazed at the high level of training required to play those matches for longer than 3 hours.  In the interviews, every player remarks on how its mostly a mental game, and that once they got their head right, their performance improved.  I think this is just like marathon training, its mostly mental and once I got my head right after last week, I have not had a bad run.  Its all about celebrating the little victories and not looking too far ahead. So in keeping with that, here is what I found:


Go team go!
Cheerfully yours,

Run, sleep, work, run, sleep, run …

30 Aug

Hey Squad,








I have not had a chance to update you this week. I can sum it up in one word for you.


I ran more miles in one week than I ever had- 35 miles . I touched my target pace 10:41 and I felt great during my long run of 15 miles. Next week, more of the same.
The NYRR class on Tuesday proves to be so worth it week after week. On Wednesday, I will join a running group to prep for the FEED 10K in September. Any opportunity for a group run always pushes me farther and makes me a better runner.
Anyone else running it?

Cheerfully yours,


Two loops down!

08 Aug

Hey squad,

Today was another long run and there was definite progress for me. I returned to Central Park to take on those hills again.  I was able to hang on for the first loop pretty well. This is a big improvement from two weeks ago. Miles 7-12 were a challenge, I took on Harlem Hill and made it up for a second time but by the time I hit Cat hill, I had to walk a bit.

I run the park again on Aug 16, and my goal is to push it to 15 miles and feel comfortable until mile 10. The spinning classes really help, especially riding with lots of resistance and keep up my cadence.

After my run, I did a quick change ( thank you New York Road Runner HQ ) and we ran a couple of errands in the city.  I am usually not phased by the heat in the subway, but today standing on the platform really got to me. Dehydrated? I was much better after lunch. Chuck and I remembered that the last time I had covered 12 miles, we were in Paris. We ate lunch in a nice French Bistro and the omelette and the glass of wine, hit the spot.

A special shout out to my race Sherpa – Chuck . He met me at mile 10 with a banana and cool water. How did he know my calves were burning and I was out of water? He gives up his Saturday to drive over an hour each way to hang around the park while I run.  (He is currently sidelined due to a case of runners knee.) He always coaches me to keep going,even when I want to stop but don’t really want to.

Thank you so much!!!

Run Rest Repeat

02 Aug

Hey squad,

Run Rest Repeat.  That will be the schedule for this week.  I ran 5 miles today, I have 3 on the schedule for tomorrow, speed class on Tuesday night, Wednesday will be cross training and thankfully  Thursday  is a full rest day before we start all over again. Go team GO!!!

I have to obey to my training plan and stick to it.  There is always a summer Friday if I need it at the end of the week. 🙂

Today on my run, I listened to music again and it was ok. I really have to get a playlist together.  I am just shuffling all the free tunes I have been downloading from Starbucks, so the play list is not too inspiring.  I do like Fight Song by Rachel Platten.

If you have a playlist that you like, let me know.

Also, I noticed my iphone battery was DOA after my two hour run on Saturday.  I have always used my iphone to listen to music or podcasts while I run.  Is that what everyone does, or should I get a shuffle just for running?

Thanks for all your help interweb!

Cheerfully yours,


Running again

08 Sep



Yesterday I took the ankle for a road test of 6 miles and it did just fine. My quads were none so happy after the elliptical workout from Saturday so the cramps I got thru miles 2-3 really took my mind off any potential ankle issues. Luckily by mile 3, everything made peace and the second half of the run went ok.
I did a much better job of stretching and foam rolling after this run. I have to remember to do that.
Chuck had a massage yesterday and he brought home this magic potion called Biofreeze. It definitely takes the sting out of a screaming IT band.
Love it.

Have a great week.



Long run- elliptical style

06 Sep

imageFirst off I want to update you on the success of the donut holes for hole in the wall sale. We raised 400.00 ! There was a great team of people that made it happen and Linda was an amazing cheerleader at the end to make sure each bag was sold.
Thank you everyone !
Today is hot, humid and there are thunderstorms in the forecast. I am also finishing up rehabing ( is that a word) my ankle from Sunday,so my 16 miles were all on the elliptical.
I am a sweaty mess and my quads are screaming, but it’s ok.
Tomorrow the forecast is better and I feel better about taking the ankle on a test drive.
Next up, a facial. Do you get regular facials? I am a believer.

Have a great Saturday.



Fridays are for FUNdraising

05 Sep

TheHoleInTheWallGangTraining for a marathon is hard, raising money to secure your entry is harder. Well maybe not harder, but it’s definitely top of mind

In an effort to spread the message and make it FUN today we are selling donut holes at work for the Hole in the Wall gang NYC marathon team.

( get it?- donut holes, hole in the wall?)

We were very fortunate that the local Dunkin Donuts gave us a good discount on 500 donut holes. We are going to package then in bags of 5 and suggest a donation of 5 dollars.

I will let you know how it goes. If this inspires you and you want to donate $5.00 here is my link. Donate Here.

I wish I could send you donuts!



10 mile run Interupted

31 Aug

I usually run on Saturday, but Chuck and I took advantage of his only Saturday off from school this summer to go to a Farmers Market and take in a summer matinee movie.
So this morning, I go up early and hit the road all set for 10 miles.
It’s cloudy today and very humid so after one mile I was already drenched, but I was ok and glad that sun was staying behind those clouds.
As I ran between mile 3 and 4 I heard a car honk its horn. I was on the sidewalk so I know it wasn’t at me, but it startled me just the same. I momentarily lost my footing and BAM, rolled my right ankle.
These things happen, so I just kept going, the closer I got to the beach area, the more runners I saw so that helped me get my mind off the constant pain in my foot. I stopped at mile 4.5 and tried the Honey Stinger Gel with caffeine. These gels are much smoother than the GUs. I can’t report on the boost because at mile 5 I was calling Chuck for a pickup.
It was clear that although I could continue to run, I probably shouldn’t because it hurt almost each time my foot hit the pavement.
This is just a blip, RICE ( rest, ice, compression, elevate) and if that doesn’t kick it, I know a great PT routine.