Oh, this is why they call it training..

29 Aug

Happy Labor Day weekend!
So today as part if exercising my brain during my run, I was able to not freak out when my pace was really off.
I worked it out that as these weekday runs get longer (6 miles) it’s going to impact the pace. I am tired. The boot camp was great for the knees but made the quads scream.
Yoga this am was wonderful but my abs are stitchy. I guess it’s always something!
The long run this weekend calls for 10 miles.
I stopped in at a local running store to pickup some more running fuel.
Tomorrow I will be trying out the new Honey Stinger gels. The salesperson said they are kinder to the stomach, so I am hopeful they give me the same boost I had from the GU last week.
I will be sure to let you know.


Training Tuesday

26 Aug

imageSo today I made sure and stick to my cross training. I have convinced myself that it’s the cross training boot camp exercise class that I am doing weekly that will kick in at mile 20 on marathon day.
My knees are really starting to feel it now.
The class includes squats with weights and side shuffle repeats plus a kicker core series at the end.
As part of my brain exercises for today, I made the hotel reservation in NYC for the night before the marathon. Better to not leave that to the last minute.



Moving and getting organized

28 May

This weekend Chuck and  I moved from Stamford to Norwalk, CT.  The move went well except for a few three stooges moments with the moving company.

So for the next few days we will live with boxes in our living room and office.  Thank goodness we have a lot of storage space so we aren’t tripping over the Christmas tree!

Also this week I started as a team captain for Nike San Francisco Women’s Half Marathon for Team in Training.  Preseason practice was great,stressing the importance of cross training to avoid injury. I CANNOT stress that enough.  This is definitely were I messed up.


I also met with my fellow fitbloggin 13 panelist this week.  We will be speaking on Friday. June 28 on Monetizing your Blog.  Kinda a good topic right?  It will be the hot ticket : )

Fitbloggin is a great community of health and fitness bloggers and I cannot wait to meet them all in Portland.  I wish I was spending the whole week there. Portland looks awesome and there will be so much to do is a power packed three days.

off to work on the presentation !






Dear blog

21 May

I am sorry I have not posted lately.  I promise to make it up to you by being a better health and wellness evangelist.

The Nike Women’s half marathon resulted in a strained IT band that required a week of crutches and two weeks of PT.

NOT FUN. But in all of that I decided to still go for it and take all the positive out of team in training and use it by being part of the Fall Season.


Here are some photos from the  Nike Women’s Half in DC.

I am in here somewhere



The race was crazy.  There were easily double the number of runners from the cherry blossom and somehow on mile ten I twisted the heck out of my knee but I still got this.

tiffany box


I recovered for a week using these



Physical therapy does wonders and I am lucky to be well on the way to training again.  I promised my family no half marathons till Fall.  ( I may have crossed my fingers)

Life is awesome, Fitbloggin is right around the corner and its finally warm and dry outside.

So blog, I hope we are made up now and I will be better about updating I promise!