Fridays are for FUNdraising

05 Sep

TheHoleInTheWallGangTraining for a marathon is hard, raising money to secure your entry is harder. Well maybe not harder, but it’s definitely top of mind

In an effort to spread the message and make it FUN today we are selling donut holes at work for the Hole in the Wall gang NYC marathon team.

( get it?- donut holes, hole in the wall?)

We were very fortunate that the local Dunkin Donuts gave us a good discount on 500 donut holes. We are going to package then in bags of 5 and suggest a donation of 5 dollars.

I will let you know how it goes. If this inspires you and you want to donate $5.00 here is my link. Donate Here.

I wish I could send you donuts!



Training Tuesday

26 Aug

imageSo today I made sure and stick to my cross training. I have convinced myself that it’s the cross training boot camp exercise class that I am doing weekly that will kick in at mile 20 on marathon day.
My knees are really starting to feel it now.
The class includes squats with weights and side shuffle repeats plus a kicker core series at the end.
As part of my brain exercises for today, I made the hotel reservation in NYC for the night before the marathon. Better to not leave that to the last minute.