Good vibes workout

15 Jan

Hey Squad,

This week I wanted to post a different kind of work out for you.  This week will be a week of change and for some people change  brings up lots of anxiety.  Anxiety produces cortisol in your body and that lands in your mid section as belly fat.

One non cardio way to fight that production of cortisol is to meditate. Studies show that even 5 minutes a day lower your heart rate and improve your respiration.  Also, like HIIT workouts that burn calories even after the workout, meditation has benefits all day long. Lets meditate five minutes a day and send good vibes out to the country.

If you need a great online tool ( and app) to help guide you, I recommend Calm  The ocean sounds have been playing in the background while I was typing this today. It has been lovely.

I leave you with a quote that came up in my twitter feed this week

“If you really want to rebel, practice kindness”… (unknown)  
Cheerfully yours,

Teamwork and working out with your team

10 Jan

Hey Squad,

If you watched  any TV over the holidays you must have seen the commercials the Peloton bike. I have been a real cheerleader for the brand and happy to continue as one.

The studio experience really blows you away.  Its like going to a concert, the music is loud, the lighting is dramatic and the star AKA instructor is a great performer. The pace is too much to sing but you can definitely ride with the beat.

Our team took the ride like a BOSS.  Our group  had  a newbie (Christina) a dark horse (Ben) a jackrabbit (Sean) a victim of a tech disaster (Peter) and eye candy (Shaunna).  Below is the before picture.

The crew rode proudly as the ride ended with high fives all around.  We could have stayed around for a back stage experience with Jess King the instructor but the commute home beckoned. Ben and I even had enough in the tank to sprint for the train at Grand Central. ( from the cab ! LOL)

Working out with co workers is tricky for some people.  I am a believer that as a team goes thru an experience like physical activities they bond on a level that enhances team performance.  The competition is a level field and we tend to be much freer with the encouragement and the congratulations.

This team is awesome and inspiring to me and the whole agency.


If you want to try a class, the first one is only $20.00 and they provide shoes, water ( 2 bottles!) and towels.

Cheerfully yours,


Long run- elliptical style

06 Sep

imageFirst off I want to update you on the success of the donut holes for hole in the wall sale. We raised 400.00 ! There was a great team of people that made it happen and Linda was an amazing cheerleader at the end to make sure each bag was sold.
Thank you everyone !
Today is hot, humid and there are thunderstorms in the forecast. I am also finishing up rehabing ( is that a word) my ankle from Sunday,so my 16 miles were all on the elliptical.
I am a sweaty mess and my quads are screaming, but it’s ok.
Tomorrow the forecast is better and I feel better about taking the ankle on a test drive.
Next up, a facial. Do you get regular facials? I am a believer.

Have a great Saturday.



Nike training update, skipped week 4 here is 5

09 Mar

Week four I missed my update. I ran 12 miles and had the last if our office Zumba classes at work but nothing else really to report.
This past week, my training has been more consistent because yeah ! We are out if February and just flipping the page on the calendar put a real pep in my commitment !
Today was my longest run to date 8 miles and I felt awesome. Running around South Norwalk as all this snow melts did prove challenging but it was nice to take in some sea air 🙂
The #21 day challenge workouts every morning at 5:30am have given me awesome 30 minute cross training exercises. I have to think this is giving me the knee and IT band strength I will need to get through the race successfully. The meal plan part of the plan is crazy for a runner in training. 1,200 calories do not work for me. I am eating more like 1,600. I can see how if you needed to lose inches along with the plan you would be shredding inches each week!

Here is this weeks breakdown
Ran 16 miles still working on hitting that 9-10 minute pace goal.
Piloxing class
21 days workouts ( days 7-14)
Meal plan containers
Meal plan containers
If you are interested in learning more about the 21 day challenge you can click here.

Have a great week,

About time !

27 Sep

Welcome to Fall!
I love this time of year. There is so much going opportunity with back to school classes and a whole calendar of exercise courses to sign up for. It’s hard to know which way to turn. I am really enjoying expanding my workout routine past running to include Zumba, Yoga and boot camp classes. Plus the occasional golf at the driving range with Chuck,
I hope you see Fall as a great time of opportunity to re boot your fitness routine.

Golf- it was bound to happen

18 Aug

In an effort to always keep trying new forms of fitness, Chuck and I went to the Golf driving range today.  It was a great experience and we had such a great time.  The best part is that we tried this three years ago and did not have such a great time.  I remember getting dizzy every time I put the ball on the tee and stood up and my arms felt so heavy that I did not make it thru my half of the bucket of balls.

Today was great, we both hit a bucket and then shared another.  If hadn’t started raining and it was way past lunch, we may have stayed longer.  Next up will be golf lessons in September.  I would love to be good enough to take part in charity tournaments next year.   Here are a few pictures from today.  I did take a picture of Chuck that day three years ago, you can see how much he has changed.  What a great improvement in his health and well being all around. Coming soon to his golf game soon!

Chuck 8/1/2013
Chuck 8/1/2013
Chuck 8/17/2013

I am not sure what kind of golfer I will become, but if it adds to the list of 30 minutes of exercise that anyone can enjoy, I am a full supporter of it after today. There is a lot of good tension release and immediate gratification you can get from whacking the heck out of a golf ball and watching it sail 150 yards away.


Crossfit in the house

01 Aug

Phyllis4fitness has a new challenge, my excellent race sherpa and husband Chuck has become a devoted member of a Crossfit box.

He is now at the box three times a week and he has learned a whole lot of new terms that I have to catch on too.  Luckily thanks to wonderful communities I follow, I am not totally lost.

Crossfit is a complete total body workout and if my work schedule allowed I would love to do it.  I am so envious of the amount of personal encouragement and training he is getting.

The challenge for me is to be supportive with the diet.  I have to have my coffee and french fries sometimes sneak in!  He is staying away from caffeine and fried foods.  I would not say we are completely on the Whole 30 diet, but very close to it.

Currently he is down 5 pounds and is definitely in need of new Fall clothes.  The transformation is amazing. I can see the athlete coming out in him as he is now less concerned about surviving the workouts and now more about improving his time.

This is his first day of Crossfit. 3 weeks ago.  I will update the blog as he continues.







Fitbloggin’13 one week to go!

19 Jun

Its crunch time here at Phyllis4fitness.  Its one week to Fitbloggin 2013  and I have to get set to travel cross country and present at a panel in front of an audience of people that I have learned so much from!   I am confident that it will be a wonderful experience but I am having to came that little devil on my shoulder that keeps shouting WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?

The best way to manage that is to exercise and have a great time doing it!  Today was boot camp at my office and we got CRAZY competitive in there.  It was a blast.  I knew that I needed a mental advantage today because I am stressing so I broke out my Team Tough chik shirt.

Our instructor did three rounds of 10 one minute exercises using weight and the weight bar.  There were enough lunges, squats and burpees in there to warrant a nice long soak in epson salts this evening.  I love how these types of classes really challenge you to test your fitness level.

Here’s a photo after class.

tough chick















Exercise is better with co workers.

07 Jun
Grey Boot Camp
Grey Boot Camp

I think I may have said this before but I have a really cool job and I have been very blessed to be able to blend my enthusiasm for healthy living and an active lifestyle into our office culture. Our gym partner, Equinox has offered free bootcamp classes for the month of June and it was awesome.

Six weeks ago we launched a walking club that meets twice a week to walk at the lunch hour .  The group has dwindled since it started but I am pretty pretty impressed that the men in our group have been our most loyal attendees!

We also had yoga on site for three sessions and it was amazing.  We are working to make that a regular experience.  We have over 35 people attend. Zen minds are creative minds !

I had the best compliment this week when someone described me as the ” energizer bunny” after class.  I just won’t let them down and have to cheerlead them all on.

Exercise is a great stress reliever and a good way to find a little time for yourself too.

Anyone else believe in the power of intentions?  I once said – “I wish I had a job that i could exercise and get paid for it” and now I do!