Motivation is different for everyone

19 Jan

Hey squad,

As I am moving forward with building a new platform for Phyllis4fitness, I am crazily perplexed by motivation.  What motivates you to start and to stick to an exercise plan?  Some people are joiners, some are lone wolves. Its definitely not a one plan fits all.

Social media allows you to track your progress and have a cheerleading squad along the way.  I have seen group ideas for the Whole30, dietbet and any variety of 30 day exercise challenges.

But what make it stick?  I think once you stop posting updates, asking for validation and just start living you have made it.

This crystalized for me this week when a fitness coach challenged me in a workout when she said,

Just do it.. your body will follow.

So here is my justice list as a work in progress…

Just make good food choices

Just exercise everyday, physically and mentally

Just have fun

Just listen

If you want to join my justice league and add to the list.. feel free.

Its never JUST enough 🙂

Cheerfully yours,


Reebok shoe reviews- Running and CrossFit

05 Aug

At fitbloggin, the Reebok reps were very generous and gave every particiapant a pair of crossfit shoes. I tried to love them, but my runners feets just could not get the groove of them. On Saturday of the conference, I offered them back to the rep and said that if she had any running shoes, I would be happy to buy those instead. She offered those to me in exchange. Since that day, I have been running in the ReebookOne Guide running shoe. They are pretty awesome. They have an excellent cushioning system in them that made me ditch my athletic insoles. It starts in the back, they call it cushion slide rebound and it really works.
Plus they are very cute and bright, just the way I like running shoes.
They are not available in many running stores here in NYC, but you can get them at Reebok ( of course) and at City Sports.
reebok running






Now onto our second review from Chuck the Crossfit guy in the house.
The CrossFit Nano 3.0

I started CrossFit the middle of July and loved it.  I am doing the 3 times a week plan, so I end up going around every other day. When I began, I would just wear my running shoes, which are fine and do not cause a problem.  When looking around for information on CrossFit, I came across Reebok CrossFit apparel. They have CrossFit shoes.  I had to have these, so, I searched and found a store that carried them.  On my Sunday WOD (Workout of the Day), I wore them and they were amazing.  One of the exercises was doing dead lifts.  These shoes offered more support and stability, than a running shoe.

There is a great article about CrossFit and the person that started it in Inc Magazine.  It talks about the philosophy behind CrossFit, how it started and where it’s going.


Crossfit in the house

01 Aug

Phyllis4fitness has a new challenge, my excellent race sherpa and husband Chuck has become a devoted member of a Crossfit box.

He is now at the box three times a week and he has learned a whole lot of new terms that I have to catch on too.  Luckily thanks to wonderful communities I follow, I am not totally lost.

Crossfit is a complete total body workout and if my work schedule allowed I would love to do it.  I am so envious of the amount of personal encouragement and training he is getting.

The challenge for me is to be supportive with the diet.  I have to have my coffee and french fries sometimes sneak in!  He is staying away from caffeine and fried foods.  I would not say we are completely on the Whole 30 diet, but very close to it.

Currently he is down 5 pounds and is definitely in need of new Fall clothes.  The transformation is amazing. I can see the athlete coming out in him as he is now less concerned about surviving the workouts and now more about improving his time.

This is his first day of Crossfit. 3 weeks ago.  I will update the blog as he continues.