MileHigh Run club is awesome!

11 Feb

Hey Squad,

If you live in the NY area and love to run, you have to check out the MileHigh Run club.  The first class is free so you can see if its the kind of class that you like before committing any boutique class dollars.  My daughter Laura (the wind beneath all my running) went to the class via classpass and told me about it.  She had a great experience.

Truthfully, I had heard of the club before and wasnt all that interested in it. Boy was I wrong.  The class was amazing.  I took the Dash class which was about 30 minutes of running and then full body weight work. ( squats, lunges, planks and kettlebell work)

It has been my quiet goal to along with not getting injured, to gain some speed this year.  I know its tougher at my age, but everything I read said its possible.  I asked the coach afterward if my pace goal was attainable and she said YES!

So, I will be back.  I am going to go at least once a week during my spring marathon training that starts on Monday ( EEK!)

Check it out and let them know I sent you.

Cheerfully yours,




Workout to work it all out

22 Jan

Hey Squad,

Last week, our workout was all about sending out positive vibes and this week its about some sweat sessions to work it all out.

lets try to fight this:

Make sure you work at your own pace but challenge yourself !

Warm up 

start with five deep cleansing breaths

move into a plank position and hold it for 45 seconds.

push your hips and go into downward dog. pedal your  feet back and forth 

Now you are ready to pick it up

10 jumping jacks

10 squats

10 pushups ( knees are fine)

10 lunges 

10 arm circles 

repeat 2- 3 times

Cool down with a repeat of the warm up. 

cheerfully yours,


Resolution by Zodiac sign

05 Jan

Hey squad,

How do you feel about horoscopes?

I really feel like horoscopes are usually vague and hit or miss but this one is right on for me.


What resolution to make
As Saturn moves through your 3rd house this year, your most challenging resolution is about communication and learning something new. With Jupiter in your 1st house, your easiest resolution is about expanding and refining your brand—how people see you, how you want to be seen, your personality.

How to accomplish it
Get going right away in January, since Libra is a cardinal sign, and cardinal energy is all about initiative. While new projects are a thrill, you can lose momentum when it comes to long-term goals, so break your resolutions down into three-month plans. As a social air sign, Libras should have accountability buddies to help them stay on course.

Any other Libras out there ? I love that we are social air signs.

Speaking of being social, I have a brand new facebook page and it needs some love.  Pop over and give it a like.  I will be posting more industry news on this page so you just might learn something.

Cheerfully yours,



Whole30- challenge for the month

04 Jan

Hey Squad,

If you are following me on instagram you have been enjoying the wonderful dinners we have been having as part of this month’s Whole30 challenge.

When it comes to actually making the meals, that is handled by my wonderful husband.  He gets things started as I am commuting home and so we are not eating at 9pm.

We decided to start this because we got a little too comfortable with the idea of “eating out healthy”  Its really not a thing am I right?

Once you are in a restaurant, suddenly the appetizers sound good so you order one or two, you says yes to a cocktail and then the healthy meal choice is further put at risk when you say “sure, I will look at the dessert menu.”

As long as we do not get sick of eating all our dinners at home and with each other, this should go well for the month.

If you have any photo worthy meals you would like to share. tag me!

Cheerfully yours,


2017 here we come!

02 Jan

Hey Squad,

2017 is underway and so far its off to a great start here at phyllis4fitness.
Today, I launched phyllis4fitness on Facebook.
I was at the point of giving up Facebook all together since there has been so much negative postings showing up on my feed.
I decided to be that beacon of happy, positive thoughts and education to enable my whole squad to be their best selves.
There will be alot more information and lots of laughs on that page for sure.

Here is a ease into the new year workout for you to keep the engines running and warm you up this week.

Monday, Wed, Friday.

20 jumping jacks
20 squats
20 secs marching in place ( extra credit if this reminds you of band camp*)
20 ab crunches
30 sec. plank.

Do these 2-3 times through.

Thursday, Saturday

30 minutes.

* As a drill team member , I went to band camp once. I learned that you should take 8 steps across a parking spots. I always think of that when marching!

I will post one a week or so. Half marathon training starts Feb.1 so lets do this!

Cheerfully yours,


Love equals new running shoes

14 Feb

Happy Valentines Day!

I think today is a great day to just be alive and even if you aren’t in a relationship that fills your love bucket, you can celebrate the community we all live in and thank each other for being there.

THANK YOU! and I love you all.

In a traditional sense, my valentine and I spent the day seeing a great movie Deadpool.  Hilarious and definitely not for the pre teen set.  We went to the mall and I was gifted with the best valentine. New sneakers.  LOVE.

Is there anything that says LOVE to you?

Here is a list of some of the things I am loving lately related to fitness

  1. Apple watch- I love how its so interconnected with my apps and my email.  It makes working out during lunch a lot easier when I can see whats going on in between reps
  2. Myfitnesspal- That app works! If you put all the info in, you can definitely see what you are eating too much of and how to make changes.  I am currently only sharing my diary with my trainer, but if you want to hook up and be accountability partners, message me at phyllis825
  3. IYFYM- or whatever it is.  Is the macro diet tracking and helps you work harder to get the result you need. I learned I was eating way too few calories to shred and tone like I wanted to.  Its hard for me, since I am from the old school idea of less calories means weight loss.  I am learning a lot (finally)
  4. Peloton bike- this has been a stress lifesaver.  I can’t say enough about the quality of classes and the community.

So, now that I am back to blogging, look forward to hearing more from me.

Cheerfully yours,



Training Tuesday

26 Aug

imageSo today I made sure and stick to my cross training. I have convinced myself that it’s the cross training boot camp exercise class that I am doing weekly that will kick in at mile 20 on marathon day.
My knees are really starting to feel it now.
The class includes squats with weights and side shuffle repeats plus a kicker core series at the end.
As part of my brain exercises for today, I made the hotel reservation in NYC for the night before the marathon. Better to not leave that to the last minute.



NIke Half training weeks 6 & 7- ready to go!

24 Mar

I am really good at training, not so good at blogging about it. I have had an amazing two weeks taking a couple of new cross training classes to keep things from getting boring.
I went to an aerobic vinyasa flow class at I.Am.You Studio. It was the most kick ass yoga session I have ever had. I will definitely be going back.
I also went back to Swerve fitness for another spin class. I was able to get less focused on the technology and just pedaled the heck out of my ride.

I managed to let my immune system get way out of whack.. too much sugar ( i.e margaritas) and lack of sleep on the weekends combined with long runs caught up with me. I have had to really focus on my nutrition and restorative exercise to get things back on track.
As a result, I did not get in the running miles I needed, but I walked my 10, 000 steps each day.
I need to work on the social/work/exercise/sleep/blog/craft/life balance.

Anyone else have that struggle?

Week 6
ran 21 miles
Swerve spin class
21 day fitness workouts ( 10 )

Week 7
ran 10 miles
Zumba master class – amazing one hour of kick ass rumba
I am You yoga class
Pilates mat class

Starting this next week, I will begin my practice races, I have a 5 K this Saturday, and 10 K next Saturday.
It will be nice to run with a crowd 🙂

Nike training update, skipped week 4 here is 5

09 Mar

Week four I missed my update. I ran 12 miles and had the last if our office Zumba classes at work but nothing else really to report.
This past week, my training has been more consistent because yeah ! We are out if February and just flipping the page on the calendar put a real pep in my commitment !
Today was my longest run to date 8 miles and I felt awesome. Running around South Norwalk as all this snow melts did prove challenging but it was nice to take in some sea air 🙂
The #21 day challenge workouts every morning at 5:30am have given me awesome 30 minute cross training exercises. I have to think this is giving me the knee and IT band strength I will need to get through the race successfully. The meal plan part of the plan is crazy for a runner in training. 1,200 calories do not work for me. I am eating more like 1,600. I can see how if you needed to lose inches along with the plan you would be shredding inches each week!

Here is this weeks breakdown
Ran 16 miles still working on hitting that 9-10 minute pace goal.
Piloxing class
21 days workouts ( days 7-14)
Meal plan containers
Meal plan containers
If you are interested in learning more about the 21 day challenge you can click here.

Have a great week,

Nike training Week Three- Gotta get organized!

23 Feb


This was another great week with the Nike Training plan. Like I have said in previous posts. This Lady loves a plan. I have been using the Nike training app on my iphone and the armband while treadmill running. It does read about a half mile longer in distance than the treadmill but I am running more for time anyway. I have found that if I can commit to a solid hour of running that keeps me sane.
I did some speed work and that really got my heart pumping!
For cross training, I had a great opportunity with my co workers at Swerve fitness. We had a great time and it was an amazing workout. The facility is very nice and the staff is wonderful. If you are in the Flat Iron district in NYC your should check it out, if you want a team mate, let me know and I will go with you!

Tomorrow I am beginning a 21 day fix from Team Beachbody its a food and fitness plan. It looks amazing. NO CALORIE COUNTING. It comes with these containers and you eat what fits inside them. You get a certain number of containers based on the total number of calories you get all day. ( so i guess there is calorie counting, you have to figure out how many you need in a day) There is a great 30 minute workout to do each day. The workouts include cardio, yoga and pilates. It looks great and just up my alley. I will continue my running as well.

18 miles run
P90X Core synergistics
Swerve Cycling class
P90X ab ripper

Wondering what happened to Piloxing? Well with 50 inches of snow on the ground you would think it was just a matter of time before I would fall and hurt myself on my commute from Grand Central to my office. I am happy to say to date, I have not fallen outside. I did however slip outside the elevator INSIDE my office and sprained my left wrist breaking the fall. I cannot wear my piloxing gloves or use weights for two weeks. Crazy huh?