In case you are wondering…

08 Nov

Hey Squad,

I am a 2015 finisher of the New York City Marathon! Yes, it’s true.

It has been a week and I am still processing it all. I told myself that my goal was to finish injury free and around 5 hours. I was so close until mile 18 when I slipped on a sponge. It  just caused the littlest knee twist that plagued me the rest of the race. I knew I would finish but the goals were out the window.

I would never had made it the last 16 weeks or this 6 hours 45 minutes without my amazing support team. My family cheered me on in person at mile  17&23. My co workers were at miles 14 and 16. Plus the countless words of encouragement all along the race day via text message. I felt like I was just floating along on all the good vibes at some point.

Yet, my brain won’t let me truly celebrate, I am still to wrapped up in the numbers.  My knee..well it turns out to be a bone bruise, so I am off running until it heals.  My finisher jacket and crutches makes for a true badass look these days.

Lastly, a big thank you to every amazing person that stood on a street corner or on a worked an aid station to cheer. I tried to say thank you to everyone that called out to me. If I couldn’t speak ( hello, 59th street bridge) I would work on a smile. I am committed to volunteering a the marathon next year to return the favor.

I will do a real recap soon and if I decide to spend the $ maybe include the finisher photo.

Cheerfully yours,