A week went by…

20 Sep

Hey squad,

Last Sunday was the best day. imageI ran with Laura a half marathon in Westerly, RI. We had a good day.  The best part was Pamela officially ran her first 5K. We all are rocking our medals!

This Sunday was not so fun. I ran 11 miles and I felt every step. My legs are filled with lead. I am going to make sure and hit every mile of my training plan this week and hope it gets better. image

Here’s a photo from today’s run, a nice hill.

I feel a case of the running blues coming on. I will be meeting in Real Life my favorite podcaster and other fans of the Running Lifestyle Show on Wednesday evening. It will be just what I need to bring back the joy in my running.

Cheerfully yours,


Running and training, what else is there ?

06 Sep

Hey Squad,

Awesome week of training behind me and I am happy to report all ten toes are healing up.  They never bother me when I run, its just when I try and wear regular shoes its a problem.  I am just going to lean into this and wear nothing but sneakers until the marathon. Business casual will have a whole new look !

I am logging some quality time watching the US Open and I am amazed at the high level of training required to play those matches for longer than 3 hours.  In the interviews, every player remarks on how its mostly a mental game, and that once they got their head right, their performance improved.  I think this is just like marathon training, its mostly mental and once I got my head right after last week, I have not had a bad run.  Its all about celebrating the little victories and not looking too far ahead. So in keeping with that, here is what I found:


Go team go!
Cheerfully yours,

These little piggies.

01 Sep

Hey Squad,

This weekend, I was playing a game of This Little Piggy with my youngest grandson’s toes. He giggled and pulled his feet away because they are so ticklish. It’s adorable seeing him anticipate the “all the way home” to his chin.

Check ou the Father picture in the back !

This is the exact opposite experience for my piggies. They are taking a beating in this marathon training. After all my miles last week,the one place that stayed sore was my big toe on the right foot. (For those of you who don’t know, this is the piggy that goes to the market. )

I thought it was just sore but today, it’s black and blue. That toenail is toast. UGH. Plus the baby toe on the other foot is still healing from the epic blister. The worst part is I can’t wear my house slippers to work and those are the only shoes that do not hurt.

I am not sure why this happened, followed all the tips.

shoes – not too tight

socks- wick a way fabric

feet- covered in glide so nothing sticks

terrain- combo of concrete and trails

It must be the weather. Nothing I can do about the heat and sweat that drenched my sneakers.

So I am taking the piggies to the drug store (again) for more cushioning prior to tonight’s running class.

Cheerfully yours,