Challenges not obstacles

31 Jul

giving up









I have a very positive outlook on my running, when I talk about it to other people.  Its a different dialogue inside my head when I am running.

Looking back on my year of running, I have steadily improved and did a half marathon, two 10ks and kept training.  Its nothing to shake a stick at, yet I have these severe doubts that I will ever get to 26.2 miles in one day.

So in an effort to boost my confidence, I posted a check list next to the back door of all the things I need before I leave.

Here it is:


Water (yes you need it, even for short runs)

Gels ( yes you need it to practice)


running belt

iphone- Mapmyrun

Garmin watch


Stick to the plan

I will need to add one to this list.

Think happy thoughts (you’ve got this)

The podcast recaps of first time marathoners helps me understand all this anxiety.  Its my goal to have it wrapped up so that when I think – just bag it, my head will NOT let me.

Anyone have a positive mantra that worked for you that they can let me borrow?

Podcasts are my jam

30 Jul

I know I am late to adopting these “new” trend, but I am crazy for podcasts about running.  I have to thank the popular series Serial for opening my eyes to this rich informational depot.

Here are the ones that I listen to regularly.

Another mother runner -Dimity and Sarah (or SBS) have years of running experience and a great community of “bad-ass mother runners.”  Their website is great as well.  They are very real people and my favorite part of their podcasts is the chit chat between them prior to the topic of the day.  They end their podcasts with the message  “many happy miles to you”  So cute.

Marathon Training Academy–  This couple, Angie and Trevor have a relaxed but encouraging style.  Angie is pushing her running to the ultra marathoner status and Trevor is keeping himself in shape to run half marathons.  They have amazing race recaps and guest speakers.  You can be part of the academy by purchasing a training plan and even be a private client of Angie’s.  I have not spent any training dollars on this but have found their information to be very good.  Trevor signs off each podcast with ” remember you have what it takes to run a marathon”  I need that positive affirmation!

The Running Lifestyle show– Kari Gormley and Sarah RD are great match.  Kari can talk for a very long time and Sarah’s advice part of the show is short and concise.  I enjoy them both equally. Kari and Sarah are fundraising for their race entry in Chicago and NYC marathons.  I feel their pain as I remember the tough time I have had in the past fundraising for charity.  They also cover more lifestyle topics than just running like sleep, diet and depression.

Run to the Top– Tina Muir is an elite athlete that runs for the Saucony Hurricanes.  She gives a recap of her amazing training but doesn’t make me feel bad that I am no where near that level.  She is from Great Britain and so she is very pleasant to listen to.  This site is run by Runners Connect.  There is so much information on this site.  They have webinars about injury prevention, cross training, you name it.

Listening to these keeps training top of mind and also reminds me that its ok to modify your plan if you need to. As long as you are working toward that goal.

Do you know of any other podcasts I should check out?  I have a 75 minute commute each way to work so I have time to add more.

Back to Bloggin’

29 Jul

Hello World,

I am back to blogging after a very long break. I let my “day job” suck the life out of the blog. I am going to work harder to make time for everything I like doing.
Here is what I have been up to:
Sept 2014- sidelined by achilles tendonitis and had to defer my NYC marathon
May 2015- successfully rehab’d from the tendonitis and ran the Brooklyn Half marathon
June 2015- started training for the NYC marathon and physical therapy to keep the ankle in shape
July 28, 2015- received an email about Fitbloggin 2016 in Indianapolis IN and that inspired me to revive the blog.
July 29, 2015- reset my password and here is where we are at.

Stay tuned for my training updates.

I just signed up for an actual running class with NYRR in Central Park once a week!

So those updates will be fun to read for sure.



Girls that match run faster!
Girls that match run faster!

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