Running again

08 Sep



Yesterday I took the ankle for a road test of 6 miles and it did just fine. My quads were none so happy after the elliptical workout from Saturday so the cramps I got thru miles 2-3 really took my mind off any potential ankle issues. Luckily by mile 3, everything made peace and the second half of the run went ok.
I did a much better job of stretching and foam rolling after this run. I have to remember to do that.
Chuck had a massage yesterday and he brought home this magic potion called Biofreeze. It definitely takes the sting out of a screaming IT band.
Love it.

Have a great week.



Long run- elliptical style

06 Sep

imageFirst off I want to update you on the success of the donut holes for hole in the wall sale. We raised 400.00 ! There was a great team of people that made it happen and Linda was an amazing cheerleader at the end to make sure each bag was sold.
Thank you everyone !
Today is hot, humid and there are thunderstorms in the forecast. I am also finishing up rehabing ( is that a word) my ankle from Sunday,so my 16 miles were all on the elliptical.
I am a sweaty mess and my quads are screaming, but it’s ok.
Tomorrow the forecast is better and I feel better about taking the ankle on a test drive.
Next up, a facial. Do you get regular facials? I am a believer.

Have a great Saturday.



Fridays are for FUNdraising

05 Sep

TheHoleInTheWallGangTraining for a marathon is hard, raising money to secure your entry is harder. Well maybe not harder, but it’s definitely top of mind

In an effort to spread the message and make it FUN today we are selling donut holes at work for the Hole in the Wall gang NYC marathon team.

( get it?- donut holes, hole in the wall?)

We were very fortunate that the local Dunkin Donuts gave us a good discount on 500 donut holes. We are going to package then in bags of 5 and suggest a donation of 5 dollars.

I will let you know how it goes. If this inspires you and you want to donate $5.00 here is my link. Donate Here.

I wish I could send you donuts!



TBT good bye #Healthy Living Summit

04 Sep

I was sad to read that the Healthy Living Summit folks have decided to shut down.  I knew something was up when they canceled the summit for this Fall, but I was hopeful it was just a scheduling thing.

I am very thankful to this group since they set me on the path to this blog and some of the best friendships I have ever had.  I never really believed in myself as an athlete or a voice in the health and wellness space until after that weekend in Boston 2012.

This picture is from that day.

Thank you so much for everything.