10 mile run Interupted

31 Aug

I usually run on Saturday, but Chuck and I took advantage of his only Saturday off from school this summer to go to a Farmers Market and take in a summer matinee movie.
So this morning, I go up early and hit the road all set for 10 miles.
It’s cloudy today and very humid so after one mile I was already drenched, but I was ok and glad that sun was staying behind those clouds.
As I ran between mile 3 and 4 I heard a car honk its horn. I was on the sidewalk so I know it wasn’t at me, but it startled me just the same. I momentarily lost my footing and BAM, rolled my right ankle.
These things happen, so I just kept going, the closer I got to the beach area, the more runners I saw so that helped me get my mind off the constant pain in my foot. I stopped at mile 4.5 and tried the Honey Stinger Gel with caffeine. These gels are much smoother than the GUs. I can’t report on the boost because at mile 5 I was calling Chuck for a pickup.
It was clear that although I could continue to run, I probably shouldn’t because it hurt almost each time my foot hit the pavement.
This is just a blip, RICE ( rest, ice, compression, elevate) and if that doesn’t kick it, I know a great PT routine.


Oh, this is why they call it training..

29 Aug

Happy Labor Day weekend!
So today as part if exercising my brain during my run, I was able to not freak out when my pace was really off.
I worked it out that as these weekday runs get longer (6 miles) it’s going to impact the pace. I am tired. The boot camp was great for the knees but made the quads scream.
Yoga this am was wonderful but my abs are stitchy. I guess it’s always something!
The long run this weekend calls for 10 miles.
I stopped in at a local running store to pickup some more running fuel.
Tomorrow I will be trying out the new Honey Stinger gels. The salesperson said they are kinder to the stomach, so I am hopeful they give me the same boost I had from the GU last week.
I will be sure to let you know.


Throw Back Thursday- Wedding edition

28 Aug

There has been a lot of wedding chatter around lately. My daughter Laura was recently engaged and we have been re living all the good things about my wedding day and her sisters FABULOUS wedding.
So for today’s post, I thought I would post a picture from my wedding day.
I am amazed at how BIG my wedding gown was. I got married on Jan.10 but my goodness the wedding was not outside so why the long sleeves?




What I ate Wednesday AM

27 Aug

As part of my new commitment to blogging I am adding in the WIAW ( what I ate wednesday) posts.

This am, I had a breakfast smoothie as usual but I added a new ingredient Sweet Dark Cherries.  They were very good.

Today I used

1 cup vanilla unsweetened coconut milk

1 tablespoon Justins Almond butter

1/4 cup frozen sweet dark cherries  ( 365 brand from Whole Foods)

1 scoop Vega Protein powder

I mixed it up in the single serving blender bottle from the Ninja and it tasted like a PB& J milkshake.  It kept me full right up till lunch.




Training Tuesday

26 Aug

imageSo today I made sure and stick to my cross training. I have convinced myself that it’s the cross training boot camp exercise class that I am doing weekly that will kick in at mile 20 on marathon day.
My knees are really starting to feel it now.
The class includes squats with weights and side shuffle repeats plus a kicker core series at the end.
As part of my brain exercises for today, I made the hotel reservation in NYC for the night before the marathon. Better to not leave that to the last minute.



Exercise for the brain

25 Aug


I learned from this weekends runs that I need to exercise my mind a lot more. I spent way too much time psyching myself out on Friday in preparation for my Sunday long run. Once it was over, I wondered what was all that fuss about?
The training plan works, just trust it.

Today was a rest day and just like other runners have said, it’s tough to rest. But, I am exercising my mind NOT to stress.
I think 10 reps for a start daily.



Long run recap

24 Aug


I survived my 14 mile training run yesterday. I joked that I would burst into flames once I ran past 13.1 miles, but nothing that dramatic happened! I took the picture above once I finished as evidence of no flames.

This was the first time I fueled my runs with GU. I used GU at mikes 5 and 10. I tried the chocolate mocha (caffeinated) and vanilla. The taste of both was ok taken with a lot of water. I felt like the mocha one really worked well. It gave me a good boost of energy, I will be buying that again. It certainly makes a mess. I can see why they say part of marathon training is nutrition. I had GU everywhere. No idea how it got on my hat.
Next week I have to start drinking Gatorade. I do not like it. It always on race courses and it will be on the marathon course.

One week done!


“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”

22 Aug
That’s a quote from Ben Franklin.  I like that quote and he’s  not a bad guy.  He’s a good role model who wasn’t afraid to exercise in the rain.  ( flying the kite to discover electricity and all )
This post is all about my plan to succeed when taking on the NYC Marathon.
 I contacted Coach Krissy from Team Hole in the Wall  and told her all of my running history right after I signed up.
She told me that I had a good chance of actually surviving the training and completing the NYC marathon!
I am trying to take it week by week.  My training pattern has been short runs (on Tuesday and Thursday and the long runs on Saturday).
I do a shake out run on Sunday of 3 or so miles and then REST on Monday, YOGA and or cross train on Wednesday and if I have the energy a SPIN class here or there.
The good news is that for most of the higher miles ( plus 13) there are group runs scheduled with Team Hole in the Wall so I can go with them.
I have been using a run/walk program from Another Mother Runner and its going very well.  I am up to 9 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking.
Eventually you are up to 14 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking.  I decided to do this because 26 miles is a lot of miles!!! I feel a lot stronger at the end of my runs now and my pace per mile is staying consistent.
I wonder what will happen when I run past 13.1 ?   I will let you know on Sunday.
(click on image below to enlarge)
Running Schedule - Phyllis

Throwback Thursday post

21 Aug

Hey Everyone,

I promised to blog more and in keeping with that, here is my first Throw Back Thursday!

This is a picture of me from my first race is 2011 and the second is from last month in San Francisco.
What amazes me most about the first picture is not my size, but the amount of clothes I wore to run my first 5k!

first race and July 2014
first race and July 2014



I am back and blogging about it!

20 Aug

Hello out there,

I fell off the radar this Spring, when my race training was interrupted by a nasty bout of optic neuritis and all the follow up tests that went with it. I am happy to report that it all turned out fine and that I did run a half marathon, not Nike, but the More Women’s marathon in NYC. It was humbling, to say the least, to run a half, half trained, but it was great.

Now, I am in week 12 of my 16 week training program for the TCS NYC Marathon on Nov.2, 2014. I will be running to raise funds and awareness for a wonderful camp for children with terminal illnesses. Team Hole in the Wall camp was started by Paul Newman to give terminally ill children the same camp experience as well children, free of charge at the camp in CT.

It is such a worthwhile cause to give children and their families the experience of worry free “play” for a while. The organization also brings “camp activities” to children in NYC & CT hospitals year round.
Here is a video about the camp (YouTube).

Now, you know this is coming. I have to fundraise in order to run the marathon. My goal is $3,000. Here is my fundraising page.

If you can’t donate, that’s fine, I just hope you enjoyed learning about such a great place and doing good works for kids that deserve it. I will be better about blogging my training journey over the next 12 weeks so you can ride along for free.