NIke Half training weeks 6 & 7- ready to go!

24 Mar

I am really good at training, not so good at blogging about it. I have had an amazing two weeks taking a couple of new cross training classes to keep things from getting boring.
I went to an aerobic vinyasa flow class at I.Am.You Studio. It was the most kick ass yoga session I have ever had. I will definitely be going back.
I also went back to Swerve fitness for another spin class. I was able to get less focused on the technology and just pedaled the heck out of my ride.

I managed to let my immune system get way out of whack.. too much sugar ( i.e margaritas) and lack of sleep on the weekends combined with long runs caught up with me. I have had to really focus on my nutrition and restorative exercise to get things back on track.
As a result, I did not get in the running miles I needed, but I walked my 10, 000 steps each day.
I need to work on the social/work/exercise/sleep/blog/craft/life balance.

Anyone else have that struggle?

Week 6
ran 21 miles
Swerve spin class
21 day fitness workouts ( 10 )

Week 7
ran 10 miles
Zumba master class – amazing one hour of kick ass rumba
I am You yoga class
Pilates mat class

Starting this next week, I will begin my practice races, I have a 5 K this Saturday, and 10 K next Saturday.
It will be nice to run with a crowd 🙂

Nike training update, skipped week 4 here is 5

09 Mar

Week four I missed my update. I ran 12 miles and had the last if our office Zumba classes at work but nothing else really to report.
This past week, my training has been more consistent because yeah ! We are out if February and just flipping the page on the calendar put a real pep in my commitment !
Today was my longest run to date 8 miles and I felt awesome. Running around South Norwalk as all this snow melts did prove challenging but it was nice to take in some sea air 🙂
The #21 day challenge workouts every morning at 5:30am have given me awesome 30 minute cross training exercises. I have to think this is giving me the knee and IT band strength I will need to get through the race successfully. The meal plan part of the plan is crazy for a runner in training. 1,200 calories do not work for me. I am eating more like 1,600. I can see how if you needed to lose inches along with the plan you would be shredding inches each week!

Here is this weeks breakdown
Ran 16 miles still working on hitting that 9-10 minute pace goal.
Piloxing class
21 days workouts ( days 7-14)
Meal plan containers
Meal plan containers
If you are interested in learning more about the 21 day challenge you can click here.

Have a great week,