Nike training Week Three- Gotta get organized!

23 Feb


This was another great week with the Nike Training plan. Like I have said in previous posts. This Lady loves a plan. I have been using the Nike training app on my iphone and the armband while treadmill running. It does read about a half mile longer in distance than the treadmill but I am running more for time anyway. I have found that if I can commit to a solid hour of running that keeps me sane.
I did some speed work and that really got my heart pumping!
For cross training, I had a great opportunity with my co workers at Swerve fitness. We had a great time and it was an amazing workout. The facility is very nice and the staff is wonderful. If you are in the Flat Iron district in NYC your should check it out, if you want a team mate, let me know and I will go with you!

Tomorrow I am beginning a 21 day fix from Team Beachbody its a food and fitness plan. It looks amazing. NO CALORIE COUNTING. It comes with these containers and you eat what fits inside them. You get a certain number of containers based on the total number of calories you get all day. ( so i guess there is calorie counting, you have to figure out how many you need in a day) There is a great 30 minute workout to do each day. The workouts include cardio, yoga and pilates. It looks great and just up my alley. I will continue my running as well.

18 miles run
P90X Core synergistics
Swerve Cycling class
P90X ab ripper

Wondering what happened to Piloxing? Well with 50 inches of snow on the ground you would think it was just a matter of time before I would fall and hurt myself on my commute from Grand Central to my office. I am happy to say to date, I have not fallen outside. I did however slip outside the elevator INSIDE my office and sprained my left wrist breaking the fall. I cannot wear my piloxing gloves or use weights for two weeks. Crazy huh?


Nike Women’s Half Training week two

16 Feb

I have to admit that I love a training plan. It’s just great to have it all laid out in front of you. This week the weather was outrageous so running outside was not an option so it was the treadmill.
I even gave up on Soul Cycle because I didn’t want to stay in the city too late with the extended commute. So onto plan B.

Beachbody_logoPlan B has been Team Beachbody. I have been having a great experience with their suite of workout products (P90X) and they are awesome. I have ordered the 21 day challenge and it’s expected this week. I will keep you updated on this on.

Run- 17 miles ( average pace 10:30 )
P90X- a ripper X
Piloxing class

This week I really need to introduce some speed training. I have never committed to that before but this time around I will.

See you next week,


Week one -we run DC training

09 Feb


Last April, I ran the Nike Women’s Half in Washington DC with team in training. The training was great and I looked forward to a wonderful run around the monuments in Our nations capital. The fund raising was tough, (don’t let anyone tell you different) and on race day I was glad to be part of the thousands of purple shirts that made a difference.
Until mile 11. I stepped in and out of a manhole and felt a tear on the outside of my left knee. I should have stopped, but I continued running. That injury took me out of half marathons for a full year. I am now training to run that same race and finish 100 %

Here is how this week went:

Week one- 15 miles
Average pace 10.25 per mile
Race day goal 10.00 per mile
Two days of cross training (60 minutes)
P90x and piloxing class

If you see it you can be it!