Memorial trees

30 Sep

In a recent post, I talked about turning left instead if right and discovering new paths and outlooks on things. The weekend school started I came upon a row of newly planted trees on my running route. As I got to the top I found this memorial plague.

Newtown memorial
Newtown memorial


2013-09-29 11.23.28
It stopped me right in my tracks and I had to cry. Overwhelmed with emotion and sorrow for those families it just took the stuffing tight out of me,but I threw it into my running and kept on. It took me three weeks to gather the courage to run that route again and come back to take these pictures and blog about it.
Children are so precious and parent or not, everyone felt a connection to the tragedy that happened at Newtown. The issues of gun control, mental illness, school security are all valid and need to be addressed but at the end of the day the world lost the opportunity to those little ones reach their greatest potential.
Everyday is our opportunity to celebrate the life we are given and to do it the best way we know how.



NatureMade VitaMelts

29 Sep

This year at Fitbloggin, I was offered an opportunity to try NatureMade Vitamelts.  The representatives had Vit C,  Energy ( B6) and Vitamin D to sample.  I have been a fan of vitamin B for years, ever since I discovered the benefits of a daily dose for me on my energy level !  It works wonders.

I was so impressed with the flavor and the packaging of the product sample that they provided, that when the representative followed up with an email asking if I would like to blog about NatureMade, I accepted.

This week, the product sample came in the mail.  The company sent me the Relax (Green Tea Mint) Vitamelts. They contain  L-Theanine which is also found in green tea and is clinically proven to relax the mind.

They are available for purchase at your local drugstores, and online at Vitacost could not have come at a better time.  I have had one heck of a time commuting to and from work this week  and having these  really helped.  It will be nice to see once the trains get back to normal, if they help me sort out all the rest of my stress!

So I am a fan.  Any other fans out there?




About time !

27 Sep

Welcome to Fall!
I love this time of year. There is so much going opportunity with back to school classes and a whole calendar of exercise courses to sign up for. It’s hard to know which way to turn. I am really enjoying expanding my workout routine past running to include Zumba, Yoga and boot camp classes. Plus the occasional golf at the driving range with Chuck,
I hope you see Fall as a great time of opportunity to re boot your fitness routine.