Golf- it was bound to happen

18 Aug

In an effort to always keep trying new forms of fitness, Chuck and I went to the Golf driving range today.  It was a great experience and we had such a great time.  The best part is that we tried this three years ago and did not have such a great time.  I remember getting dizzy every time I put the ball on the tee and stood up and my arms felt so heavy that I did not make it thru my half of the bucket of balls.

Today was great, we both hit a bucket and then shared another.  If hadn’t started raining and it was way past lunch, we may have stayed longer.  Next up will be golf lessons in September.  I would love to be good enough to take part in charity tournaments next year.   Here are a few pictures from today.  I did take a picture of Chuck that day three years ago, you can see how much he has changed.  What a great improvement in his health and well being all around. Coming soon to his golf game soon!

Chuck 8/1/2013
Chuck 8/1/2013
Chuck 8/17/2013

I am not sure what kind of golfer I will become, but if it adds to the list of 30 minutes of exercise that anyone can enjoy, I am a full supporter of it after today. There is a lot of good tension release and immediate gratification you can get from whacking the heck out of a golf ball and watching it sail 150 yards away.


Starting to turn left instead of right

17 Aug







This week I started making a few left turns instead of right turns in my day and I ended up liking the things I have found. Sometimes times this has been literal, like on my walks to and from Grand Central and sometimes in the way I approach a problem. I am trying to look at things from a different angle and get a new perspective on things.
I feel this is the benefit of expanding my yoga practice and more confident in breaking those usual routines. When I began my wellness journey it gave me the CONTROL I needed to get my health back in order and now that I am BLESSED to have my health I can TRUST that all is well and EXPLORE life confidentially.
So, sometimes I turn left instead of right.
Also- The blog is one year old this month- now launched in Aug 2012.
Here is a quick update
30 minutes of exercise daily is one of my biggest messages.
I am no longer vegan! I started eating meat again in June. I eat about 12 ozs a week. I follow a whole foods diet. no processed foods.
I am still dairy free and have been gluten free for 16 days ( not that I am counting)
Currently, I am training for the Marine Corp 10K that I will be running on Oct. 27. Hoping for a Fall Half Marathon but my IT band injury for Spring doesnt like when I run more than 25 miles a week, so I am keeping the distances to 5Ks and 10Ks for the Fall this year.

Reebok shoe reviews- Running and CrossFit

05 Aug

At fitbloggin, the Reebok reps were very generous and gave every particiapant a pair of crossfit shoes. I tried to love them, but my runners feets just could not get the groove of them. On Saturday of the conference, I offered them back to the rep and said that if she had any running shoes, I would be happy to buy those instead. She offered those to me in exchange. Since that day, I have been running in the ReebookOne Guide running shoe. They are pretty awesome. They have an excellent cushioning system in them that made me ditch my athletic insoles. It starts in the back, they call it cushion slide rebound and it really works.
Plus they are very cute and bright, just the way I like running shoes.
They are not available in many running stores here in NYC, but you can get them at Reebok ( of course) and at City Sports.
reebok running






Now onto our second review from Chuck the Crossfit guy in the house.
The CrossFit Nano 3.0

I started CrossFit the middle of July and loved it.  I am doing the 3 times a week plan, so I end up going around every other day. When I began, I would just wear my running shoes, which are fine and do not cause a problem.  When looking around for information on CrossFit, I came across Reebok CrossFit apparel. They have CrossFit shoes.  I had to have these, so, I searched and found a store that carried them.  On my Sunday WOD (Workout of the Day), I wore them and they were amazing.  One of the exercises was doing dead lifts.  These shoes offered more support and stability, than a running shoe.

There is a great article about CrossFit and the person that started it in Inc Magazine.  It talks about the philosophy behind CrossFit, how it started and where it’s going.


Crossfit in the house

01 Aug

Phyllis4fitness has a new challenge, my excellent race sherpa and husband Chuck has become a devoted member of a Crossfit box.

He is now at the box three times a week and he has learned a whole lot of new terms that I have to catch on too.  Luckily thanks to wonderful communities I follow, I am not totally lost.

Crossfit is a complete total body workout and if my work schedule allowed I would love to do it.  I am so envious of the amount of personal encouragement and training he is getting.

The challenge for me is to be supportive with the diet.  I have to have my coffee and french fries sometimes sneak in!  He is staying away from caffeine and fried foods.  I would not say we are completely on the Whole 30 diet, but very close to it.

Currently he is down 5 pounds and is definitely in need of new Fall clothes.  The transformation is amazing. I can see the athlete coming out in him as he is now less concerned about surviving the workouts and now more about improving his time.

This is his first day of Crossfit. 3 weeks ago.  I will update the blog as he continues.