Get moving people!

31 Jul

Life is too short not to feel great. I really believe that to be true and I am challenging everyone to try my 30 minute a day fitness challenge.
I am in good company with this recommendation !

American Heart Association.

When I first began my fitness journey, I started with walking thirty minutes a day on the treadmill. Then, I moved up to walking 25 minutes and running five minutes and slowly moving it up to running 30 minutes. It’s what lead me to my first 5k race. Since then, I have learned a lot more about the benefit of all kinds of exercise and no matter how you move your body, you are doing yourself GOOD by moving it!


Vacation reboot

29 Jul

I am happy to be back from vacation! I know that sounds strange but it was such a wonderful time and so relaxing and full of love,sun and hugs that I am happy to be back!
It’s time to debut the re booted self! I made the mistake of taking too long between breaks and won’t be making that one again.
So if you guys see or hear my ends start to unravel please leave a comment on the blog and I will start making plans.
I decided to give my blog a sharper focus and I will be blogging more on the benefits of an active lifestyle. I am so passionate about getting people, especially women moving and I want to bring my readers more information.



Really busy making fitness happen

19 Jul


Its been a busy two weeks making a few programs happen and changing things in my fitness routine.

I have been asked alot recently how to get started on an exercise program. I went back thru my files and found the original meal
plan that Melanie and I followed for our 90 day fitness plan. Here it is:
Phyllis and Mel’s Summer Action Plan[1]

This along with a commitment of 30 minutes a day of exercise lead to my 15 pound weight loss in 90 days. I think its totally do able. At last count I have 10 people on this plan and they are doing great.
disclaime- I am not a dietitian and I am not yet a ceritfied personal trainer)

So how much fun are you having right now? Are you feeling switched on and happy? or are you feeling tired and sluggish?

Life is too short not to feel great.

its time for vacation and I have new sunglasses!












Sharing my fitness journey

04 Jul

Last week I returned from a speaking engagement at Fitbloggin 2013.
I spoke on a panel on monetizing your blog. My point of view came from the ” don’t quit your day job, just enrich it.”
Phyllis4fitness features many of the great activities we have been able to bring here at our office thru the initiatives I am working on with an awesome team.
Also, the article that I was featured in on HuffingtonPost made it to the AOL welcome screen.
Not the picture I would have chosen for all my co workers from my AOL days to see me at, but hopefully they read the article.

All in all a great way to end June.