Fitbloggin’13 one week to go!

19 Jun

Its crunch time here at Phyllis4fitness.  Its one week to Fitbloggin 2013  and I have to get set to travel cross country and present at a panel in front of an audience of people that I have learned so much from!   I am confident that it will be a wonderful experience but I am having to came that little devil on my shoulder that keeps shouting WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?

The best way to manage that is to exercise and have a great time doing it!  Today was boot camp at my office and we got CRAZY competitive in there.  It was a blast.  I knew that I needed a mental advantage today because I am stressing so I broke out my Team Tough chik shirt.

Our instructor did three rounds of 10 one minute exercises using weight and the weight bar.  There were enough lunges, squats and burpees in there to warrant a nice long soak in epson salts this evening.  I love how these types of classes really challenge you to test your fitness level.

Here’s a photo after class.

tough chick















5K with 110 co workers!

15 Jun

This week was the 37th annual JP Morgan Chase corporate challenge.  It was my second year running it .  Our agency does amazing pro-bono work for a children’s cancer charity, Hole in the Wall and so we made the event a fundraiser .  The group raised enough to send one child to camp for a week.

Leading up to the corporate challenge, we had a walking group that met twice a week to encourage people to increase their distance leading up to the race, so that they would be comfortable with the 3.1.  It worked because we had great participation.

Here is a picture of a small group of us getting ready to go in the orange corral.  There were over 15, 000 runners over all. Central Park was a full of runners on Wednesday night.

So thats two 5 K’s so far in June .









Its been a great month so far.




Loving the skin you are in

11 Jun

skin cancer awareness

This Spring I have been checking off all of the health maintenance visits that I have put off for a while.  This week I made it to the dermatologist for a skin check up.

At our health fair this year, I met the ladies from Dr. Vine’s and they were so nice and close to the office so I made an appointment.  It seems like lately several people I know have been affected by skin cancer.  Everyone thankfully is fine, but the it definitely was a motivated to make an appointment.

Plus, since I started running two years ago ( yes two years now) I had this one spot that has gotten a little bigger on my shin and a little shinier so maybe its worth the co pay.  So if you haven’t had a full skin check up let me prepare you.  Its a full skin check up.. as in head to toe and no stone goes un turned.  I am happy to report everything was fine except….

The shin spot did worry the dr because the legs are the most common place for basal skin cancers in women and the halo around the spot concerned her so she CUT into my leg and I await a biopsy.

I am a huge supporter of sunscreen but I love to tan and I will always be a sun worshipper but I will definitely be more careful in the future.  I admit to the blog, I hardly ever put sunscreen on my legs before running. YIKES.

So today, I turn over a new leaf and start covering up those legs with sunscreen!



What the megaphone means to me

10 Jun

When I was 13, I was in the eigth grade and that winter, i had a sledding accident that resulted in a broken right ankle.  I had dreamed of making the cheerleading squad for two years at our new high school and had been the caption of the pep squad thru junior high, I was a shoe in.  I had an amazing v sit jump and lots of team spirit.  My cast came off in April and tryouts were in May.

This was 1979 and physical therapy didnt happen for me so despite my peppy spirit and the fact that I choreographed the dance routine, I did not make the freshman squad.  My jumps were not up to it.  When I got home, My mother showed me the bracelet she had bought me with a megaphone charm at it and said, “well, I guess you don’t get this now.”

I never tried out for cheerleading again, I tried out for the drill team and made it and had a wonderful time that summer at the band camp but always wanted to be a cheerleader not because of the popularity and the fluff, but because I believed in the sport.  Years later, I had my kids involved in competition cheerleading in Northern Virginia and my daughter Pam made the Freshman squad and my daughter Laura made the varsity squad.

I have worked hard for the last two years to get well and now with the launch of phyllis4fitness I feel like I have finally earned my megaphone!





New gym – new training plan- new before and after picture

09 Jun

Yesterday began the new training plan for the Fall marathon.  Its hard to believe that you have to start training for Fall when its June!

This time I want to go back to basics and train slow and steady with lots of cross training as to not shock my knee and IT band into a tizzy. ( tizzy is a word right?)

We have a gym at our new place and its definitely an upgrade.  The treadmill was a dream, I would have run outside yesterday,but the skies were definitely threatening around here.

I did 3 easy miles on the treadmill at a 12 minute pace with a nice cool down.  Nothing too crazy.  I am a little sore from Boot Camp on Wednesday and I have a 5 K on Wednesday night  and on next Saturday morning.

I would like to not call it training anymore and just call it life.  Its just what I do.  I run a little and race a little.  So lets scratch that and say, here is what I’m up to this week.

Anyone wanna join me? For some inspiration, here is a new before and after picture of me!




Exercise is better with co workers.

07 Jun
Grey Boot Camp
Grey Boot Camp

I think I may have said this before but I have a really cool job and I have been very blessed to be able to blend my enthusiasm for healthy living and an active lifestyle into our office culture. Our gym partner, Equinox has offered free bootcamp classes for the month of June and it was awesome.

Six weeks ago we launched a walking club that meets twice a week to walk at the lunch hour .  The group has dwindled since it started but I am pretty pretty impressed that the men in our group have been our most loyal attendees!

We also had yoga on site for three sessions and it was amazing.  We are working to make that a regular experience.  We have over 35 people attend. Zen minds are creative minds !

I had the best compliment this week when someone described me as the ” energizer bunny” after class.  I just won’t let them down and have to cheerlead them all on.

Exercise is a great stress reliever and a good way to find a little time for yourself too.

Anyone else believe in the power of intentions?  I once said – “I wish I had a job that i could exercise and get paid for it” and now I do!