This is what a Tough Chik looks like !

31 Mar

This week I get to  officially start my Spring race season as a part of Team Tough Chik. My race shirt is in the mail and will be here any day.  This community has been so supportive and full of great advice as I have built up my training and sports nutrition plan.  Several of us are racing in the Cherry Blossom 10 miler and I can’t wait to meet up with them in real life.

Here is a picture from my run this Saturday after 6.5 miles with my Team in Training group.  It was me- age 52 and 6 other young ladies ages 24- 28 in the 10 minute mile group.  As my daughter and my Garmin watch keep telling me, age is just a number, because  I was in there with them the whole way.  Finish time 1:09.

It was another great week with the SBBC challenge.  I am loving my new glutes and quads.  The workouts are not getting easier but I am getting more into the routine of cross training and seeing the benefit of it in my running for sure.  Drinking water and eating veges are not a challenge for  me since I eat a very heavy plant based diet and all I drink is water and iced tea !

The week’s challenge is to try and eliminate one thing that is holding you back from your goal and I am going to try to eleiminate gluten.  I have tried in the past and found it too challenging. I will try again this week.


your galfriday4fitness



Life Happens when you are busy making plans

23 Mar

I have to update you on my planned race calendar for 20 13

Jan- Zooma Half – Stress Fracture- could not run

Miami ING Half- Stress Fractuice- could not run

Feb- NYC Half- Recovered from stress fracture but not quite enough to run 13 miles in the park so  no race

Return to team in training – Long runs on Saturday with PT approval but started to feel something in the left  knee

March – St. Patricks 5 K- YEAH- but whats this knee thing?

Sleepy Hollow Half- Sprained knee – decided based on the previous history to not run and keep up with  ice and rest

So next up in April

Cherry Blossom 10 miler and the Nike Womens Half Marathon in Washington DC.

I have learned thru this experience that sometimes you have to sit it out in order to run another day.  I don’t see the value anymore in pushing myself. There is alot to be said for the practice of self care.  It sounds crazy that a 52 years old would need to be taught that, but this one did.  Slowing down, listening to the signals your body gives you can delay the onset of serious and much worse injuries.  You are not chickening out on a run, you are being a conservative runner.  Today, I will still exercise.  I will bike, I will do my PT exercises and plank and arms.  No excuses for those not to happen. SBBC RULES!

I hope that skipping being chased by the headless horseman today will in the long run mean I will have a great month of races in April.


Your galfriday4fitness


A safety announcement

16 Mar

With the return of spring this week, its a good idea to take a minute and remind ourselves to be careful as we take to the open road for our runs.

When possible, run with a buddy.  If you can’t, let someone know you are going out and when you are expected to finish.

Know your route and if it doesn’t feel right for some reason, cut it short.  No run is worth your safety.

Wear a road id bracelet or have your contact info as your screen saver on your phone, should you fall and are in need of emergency services.

Ear phones are ok, as long as you can still hear emergency vehicles and bicyclists shouting.  Don’t get so lost in your playlist, that you do not hear someone shouting your name or the word STOP!

The reason for my post, came from a very sad post in my Tough Chik community about the senseless murder and rape of  a mother and her 10 year old daughter in upstate NY this week. The mom who died was a cousin of my team mate. The 10 year old  had just finished gymnastics class and they were leaving the mall when they were attacked by a 29 year old man.  This broke my heart as a mother of 2 daughters and I have 1 daughter in law and 1 grand daughter  and 2 grandsons  I couldn’t bear anything like this .

Be safe, have fun and we are all tough chiks.


your galfriday4fitness

Spring challenge!

08 Mar

I am very happy to be part of the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge by RuntotheFinish.  It launched this week and I am having a great time connecting with the other ladies in the challenge.  The are so inspiring to see how they work out everyday despite very busy lives!  We have to make it a priority. This challenge is an opportunity to encourage each other, learn alot and thanks to Amanda and her great sponsors, win some prizes along the way.

Here is how the challenge counts all the points for exercise and good food choices.

A few changes to ensure this challenge is not so heavily weighted towards runners:
1 point for 10 minutes of exercise
1 point daily for drinking your 64 oz water
1 point daily for eating 7-9 servings of freggies (fruits/veggies)
1 point for completion of any WOW
1 point daily for doing the Golden Morning (any time of day)

So here’s the breakdown on fruits and veggies and what a serving is.

Apple: 1 medium
Avocado: Half
Baby carrots: 12
Banana: 1 medium
Broccoli: 5 florets
Spinach: 1 cup
Strawberries: 7
Sweet potato: half

Amanda@ RuntotheFinish is the one of the first people I followed when I started my wellness journey a little over a year ago.  If you want to learn ALOT.  Check out her site.  I am her biggest fan.

Update from 10,000 feet

03 Mar

This is my first update from an airplane.  I am on my way back to New York after visiting with my son Chris and my daughter in law Laura and my grand daughter Penelope for the weekend.  I just had an overwhelming feeling that I need to see them and I am so that I did!

I have had to look at my running feels like 10,000 feet away as I am not able to return to running at all. I was at the gym this morning looking longingly at the treadmill and the running track.  the latest is I have to work on my glutes and hamstrings.  Bleach!

i am looking forward to starting the spring Bootie Buster challenge this week.  It will distract me from my non running blues.

If this posts, I will be amazed!  Isn’t technology great?


your galfridayfitness