Preparing for a comeback

30 Jan

I am turning the corner on the stress fracture of the right foot and I am ready to get back to running.

I am taking all the advice of the doctor and the trainers on board and I am ready for the comeback. Tuesday I will re join the team in training group.

February will bring a new challenge the #plankaday challenge from OneTough Mother.  I am a huge fan of the plank a day.  I tell everyone that its the best way to get your core tightened up.  This month’s challenge is adding in squats.  Bring it on!

As a shout out to my first half marathon city, Philadelphia and a real comeback champion Rocky, I thought this picture was fun.









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Team in Training Fundraising Update

23 Jan

Its really tough not running but not nearly as tough as my teammates running their first 5K test in 5 degree temps.

I am so proud of them.  So I am trying to do my part and keep the fundraising going. I really appreciate all my donations to date, but we have a way to go to get to the goal of 2,700.

So lets fill that boot by Feb. 18 when I am cleared to run again.

here is the link to my fundraising page:



The Biggest Loser Run/Walk Race series

22 Jan

Everything I need in life I learned from cheerleading!

Count to 8

Listen to your coach

There is no I in team



Its important to look nice and represent yourself and your brand well.

There are consequences for bad behavior- you are benched

There are rewards for excellent performance

Leadership is not something for everyone.

Its ok to be a team member, there is value in everyone

When the team wins, we all win

Now I have a new team to be on and cheer for !

I am very happy to be working with The Biggest Loser in promoting their RUN/WALK series around the country.  I am a huge fan of the show and when the opportunity came to work with them I jumped at it.  I will be partciapating in the  half marathon in Erie PA on 8/17 .  This is their largest race yet and it will be great. There is a 5 K, 10K and a half marathon.  It will be an amazing weekend.

It is my hope that I can cheerlead as many people as possible to a successful race day. It is going to be great.






There are races happening all over the country so if you aren’t close to Erie, heck, I am a days drive away myself!  Pick a race near you or inspire someone to get started.  There could not be a more accepting place to have your first race.


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5 Minute Golden Mornings- 10 day report #bestfoot challenge

12 Jan

In January there is a million challenges kicking off.  I signed up for the following

5 by 5th virtual run series

13 in 2013- 13 races in 2013 #13in2013

#chilly challenge as part of team escapade- basically to run as many miles as I can to help my team beat team giraffe.

Social workout- 30 minutes a day of exercise so I could see my friend Sarah online

Challenge loop with Sweat pink to# reboot running with my Sweat Pink sisters.

and the 5 minute Golden Morning Challenge #bestfoot.

Then, on Dec. 28, i hurt my foot.  so guess which challenge I have had the most success with so far?  but i cheated.

I had a tough time coming up with reflection thoughts so I used my horoscope feed to twitter to spark my reflection every morning.

Now, I have been able to wean myself off the horoscope and reflect and write with out the prompt.

Anyone else have this problem when they start journaling or meditating?

Also, if you are in the challenges above watch out for this comeback kid in February.


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Choice Teas- the teas for me

12 Jan

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to try Choice Organic teas over the last month.

I love tea and have been drinking it since southern sweet tea was in my baby bottle at 9 months old.  True Story.

I am happy to report my taste have now expanded thanks to Choice teas and I enjoyed all of the Organic choices they sent me to try.

My daughter Laura was also kind enough to take a few tea bags of each flavor home for her own taste test and loved them as well.

So keeping in mind that Southern tea is a really hard benchmark to beat here is how I ranked the Choice teas.

Roobis Chai- Overall winner- delicious with some almond milk and a 3 minute steep

Masala Chai- second favorite- I prefered this one with Silk soy milk and a longer steep.  I felt more of a caffeine push with this one. Loved in in place of coffee in the morning.

Genmaicha- Nice surprize for a green tea, it tastes just like the tea you get in the fine Japanese restaurants.

Premium Korean Green- I took this box to work to drink after lunch for all the benefits of the green tea and the calorie burn.

Wild Forest Black- This tea was delicious.  I ranked it low only because I probably won’t drink it that often because I don’t usually like flavored teas, but  I will order it for my tea drinking friends because it is DELICIOUS and the product supports the Jane Goddall institute.  It says so right on the box.

Decaffeinated Green- responsible and delicious. The box is empty and I am re ordering.

Here is the link to start your own Choice organic experience

Choice Organic Teas


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Fill the Boot Campaign

12 Jan

So this happened. I have a stress fracture in my right foot and I am out of the running game for three weeks. One week down and two to go. Luckily, I have two half marathons under my belt and I am confident that I can get the training done to successfully finish the race in April !

In the meantime I am biking and doing lots of upper body workouts.

Today I am launching the FILL THE BOOT campaign.

Help me spend these non running days fulfilling y fundraising goal for the leukemia and lymphoma society!

Donate what you can today and you can always donate more later on.

Please anything can make a difference to the doctors and researchers that are working life saving medicine.


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Start Clean 2013

06 Jan

I have been very lucky as stated in my previous blog posts to have found what works for me and my nutrition for running and exercise.

This year in the list of online challenges, there is a great one that I whole heartedly endorse if you are looking for a way to examine what you eat.

Its not about being VEGAN or vegetarian, its about making choices that you feel good about.  There is a calendar with a daily reminder that is easy to incorporate into your life and a wonderful facebook support group.  Also, there are prizes ! You don’t have to be a blogger or be on twitter to be involved.  Check it out, I think it is a great step in a right direction.   Katie is a wonderful positive force in the health and wellness world.

start clean 2013
I always say, you can’t exercise your way out of a poor diet, so make this your year!


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Pam’s 5K -30 birthday celebration of fitness WINNERS

06 Jan

Thank you so much to everyone that was part of this great day!

Here is the list of our winners!

Laura S- Vega One prize pack

Mary G- Larabar prize pack

Laura Y- Sports Authority Gift Card

Renee B- Sparkly Soul Headband

Vickie Chiodo- Maung- Sparkly Soul Headband and a special thank bag of trail mix for her husband who followed her in the car as she finished her run in the ran and the dark.

Jennifer C West- Sparkly Soul Headband

Jill Fickling Conyers- Sparkly Soul Headband

Jodi Tivey- Sparkly Soul Headband

This was my first virtual race and my first fundraiser and my first time sharing my family online.

Huge thank you to Amanda for featuring this as part of the HBBC2012.







02 Jan

2013 will launch a new focus for galfriday4hire. Its all about fitness so I am re launching my website as galfriday4fitness. or GF4F for short !

I will commit to giving you very comprehensive race recaps on all 13 of my 13 in 2013 races.

Here is a revised race schedule for year.

Some still to come

Jan 18- Zooma Women’s Half – Amelia Island, FL*

Jan 28- ING Half Marathon- Miami FL- HBBC weekly winner award !*

Mar. 23- Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon- Sleepy Hollow, NY*

April 1- Cherry Blossom 10 miler- Washington DC *

April 28- Nike Women’s Half – Washington DC- TEAM IN TRAINING*

June 1- Zooma Women’s Half- Annapolis, MD*

Aug 24- Warrior Dash- Poconos PA

Sept. 15- Rock n Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon*

Oct.13– Staten Island Half Marathon*

-I will also be attending FITBLOGGIN in Portland OR, June 27-30 2013 .

Looks like quite a year!