Pam’s 30th Birthday Challenge

27 Nov

30 days to train and run/walk in the Pamela Virtual 5 K  30th  Birthday celebration .


So in case you are wondering what the prizes will be for the 12/28/12 event here is what we have so far:

ProCompression Socks ( your choice) 4 sets of socks

Vega One gift box ( worth 35.00) 2 box sets

Larabar gift box ( worth 20.00)

Choice Organic Tea gift box ( 2 -4 box sets)

Sports Authority Gift card – 25.00 ( 2 gifts cards) gift card- 25.00 (2 gift cards)

SparklySouls headbands- 10headbands!

And thats just a start… I am working on getting more sponsors and even more prizes.  So to be eligible for the prize drawing you have to do one of the following, if you do more than one you will double your chances.

1. On 12/28/12- run 3.1 or do 30 minutes of any exercise – leave a comment on the blog of what you did or tweet it using hashtag #pams30

2. Donate to my team in training site to Team In Training

Prize drawing will happen on 1.1.13.


Thats it.  Its all about bringing health and fitness to a family celebration 🙂


In celebration of  my daughter’s upcoming  30th birthday and along  with Team in Training, I will be hosting a virtual 5 k or 30 minutes of exercise  on Dec. 28,2012.

Will Pam run? I don’t think so, Pam is not a runner,(YET)  but she is the best supporter any runner would ever want to have.

Here is a link to my fundraising page.

Team In Training

If you donate or leave a comment on the blog, I will send you a special training snack as a thank you.  Trail mix!  Peanuts, M&Ms and raisins, Pamela’s favorite snack food.

YES,  you can also substitute 30 minutes of exercise.  Just let me know what you come up with.  I would love to hear about it.

There will be PRIZES  because what would a birthday be without presents?  Watch for updates on that coming next week.



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I have to thank my Sweatpink Sisters for all their help with this. #sweatpink






The tale of two 10K races

26 Nov

Last week, I ran two 10 k races and they could not have been more different, but I learned so much from both experiences.

Thursday Ashland Farm 10k/5K/2K Thanksgiving Race.

This was the 19th annual race and there must have been 1000 people there.  Laura and I ran it and I got my 10K PR shaving 11 minutes off my time from May.  It was a gorgeous sunny day in the Virginia sunshine and the temp was close to 57 when we finished.  I was disappointed on the race route that was thru a neighborhood at the end and the 10 K runners overlapped with the 5 K walkers who didn’t feel the need to move to the right at ALL.

I had to dig deep and run my race the whole way since this was with my daughter and she can really RUN. She hung with me for the first mile and then, like the graceful swan that she is, she took off. I could see her ahead of me and I think my swollen prideful heart pulled me along for at least two miles. At mile 4, I was hot and I was ready to be done, so I remembered her training words to me to almost any question.. “run faster”

I finished the last 2 miles at my best pace to date.

Sunday, Harvest Hustle Short Beach 10 K/5K.

This race was rescheduled from Nov. 4 due to Hurricane Sandy and needless to say the route had changed. So, instead of running along the beach road, we ran uphill in the neighborhood and then downhill to the beach and then repeat for the 6.37 mile run.

Between the reschedule date, the holiday weekend and the 30 degrees, the turnout was less than expected. I met some great ladies, but  I have to decide for the next race, either I run or volunteer.  I kept chatting and encouraging folks instead of focusing on my race.  My time was 1:07:00.

We all stayed for the medals and I am pretty sure I placed for my age group since I think there were 3 of us!  I was smoked at the end by a 62 year old who had a wicked kick.  She was behind me the whole way and just blew past me at the end and then high fived me and told me good race.  She said I kept her on pace the whole race.  Glad I could help.

So what did I learn?  I become a better racer by pinning on a bib.  I am stretched and pulled by heartstrings when I race with Laura.

I encourage and love to teach when I race with others.



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Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge recap week one

25 Nov

This has been one very good week.  I was looking forward to my first HBBC since learning about it at the Healthy Living Summit this August.

The group is very motivated and we are all checking in and encouraging each other.  I am super excited to see all the amazing goals we are going to reach at the end of this.

My goal was to particiapate in challenge everyday.  It was going to be tough with work and holiday travel but I did it and it was easy because this group is amazing

Runs- 6

Miles 25.77- PR 10 k with my daughter – upcoming post a my time was 1:05:56. My 10K in May was 1:15:10!

My second 10K was this morning and my time was 1:07:00. Sitting in the car riding back home took its toll on my lower back.  It bothered me a bit but still it was a great race with a small crowd of super motivated people.

WOW- Loved seeing Amanda on youtube. the pushups on the third go around didnt love those so much!

Strength/core-7 ( I do a plank a day every day and I up to 2 minutes plus I add in upper arms/core work for a total of 10 minutes a day)

Yoga- did a yoga class this week. I have to work at this more over the challenge

Fruits and Veges- this is easy for me since I am daily green smoothie person and a vegan!

FUN- daily check in on twitter # bestfoot ( best hastag ever) and on our facebook page to encourage each other and see what goals are next. Tweet chat was a great “mixer” this week

I am very  excited for next week.  Runners Streak is on so running every day #runnerstreak.

Chuck will be joining me for the Santa Scramble 5 k in New Haven on Sunday and I have santa hats and santa socks.  Hoping for a fun run and a pain free run for my hubby.

Here are a few pictures from last week.








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Vitacost -my first blog commercial interruption

24 Nov
You know that I would have to talk about a health and wellness vendor right?  Well, I am way too busy to get to Whole Foods and browse the isles and chat with the vendor reps as much as I’d like.  I was very lucky when a fellow Girls Gone Sporty friend offered us an opportunity to work with Vitacost so I had to check it out. This is perfect.
Quality vitamins and healthy foods all in one place delivered for less than a gallon of gas now a days.
You should definitely check them out,

With, you don’t have to choose between stores that sell products you don’t really want at super-low prices, and stores that sell the better health and wellness products you want at crazy-high prices. Vitacost  overs 2,000 of the top, most-trusted natural brands, diet foods and healthy living essentials-the very best nutritional supplements, whole foods and sports nutrition-at discount prices, up to 50% off. And they’ll deliver them right to your door for FREE if your order totals $49 or more. Otherwise, shipping is just a small, flat-rate fee of $4.99, no matter how big the box.
Also check out Sports Bras and Sippy Cups – she has an amazing blog.
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“Wow, you fell hard”- quote from Adrienne

19 Nov

No, I am not injured, I fell hard off the vegan wagon this weekend.  Well, I didn’t fall as much as I leaped off the wagon into the past and the home cooked comfort of the Thanksgiving foods I made for my kids as they grew up.I had all the intention of making a vegan side dishes and my daughter had everything vegan there for me, but when faced with the choice to go left or right, I went left.

This is a first for me after making the choice to be vegan so many months ago.

So what did today bring me back to?  I just started over.  I am happily eating everything I ate – sunbutter spread on gluten free crackers, green smoothies, dairy free cheese.  It will take a few days for all the inflammation to leave but I will be fine.

I have trained my body to do well on a plant based diet and get all it needs from those sources and I am proud of the changes it has made to my energy level.  I would eat meat and dairy if it didnt make me feel do sluggish and sleepy.  The quote above was said after I exclaimed how good the stuffing would taste the next morning with bacon and a fried egg over it and left over gravy..

The weekend was EPIC.  Since we will all be in different locations, we got together this weekend for STRANDSGIVING,thus the Thanksgiving feast on Nov. 17.  Dylan, Jack, Chuck and I, plus Aunt Rah – thats what they call Laura and Adrienne or Friend as Dylan called her, there for the weekend .  It was great.  If you ever want to have your heart melt, play Sorry with Dylan.  He is so wonderful that everytime someone gets sent back to start, he says, “its ok its just a game.”  ADORABLE.

I had an amazing MOM moment that doesn’t happen as often when your kids are 30, 28, and 26. this is almost its own blogpost.  On Saturday morning, everyone had to go somewhere and I took the opportunity to go for a run, because thats what I do.  I am past the part where I need the cheerleading on and the good job you are running.  So off  I went down the road, about a mile and a half in, a jeep comes along and honks, in it is my son in law Ed, my husband Chuck and my two grandsons, Dylan and Jack .  They waved and drove on.  I was so excited to see them and thought, WOW this is great they saw me running!  It dawned on me that they actually saw me doing what I talk so much about. Then about mile 3 and half a red car comes along and honks and its my daughter Laura and my daughter Pam.  Pam rolls down the window and shouts SWEATPINK! as they drive past.   I didn’t hear that she told me afterwards. So they saw me too!

That was a good run and it was amazing fate that with all the roads around the beach that I would come across my family on my run.

Even when I don’t see them and they don’t see me, they are always with me in my heart.

Love you guys,



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Tink in Training Virtual Run

13 Nov

I am very excited to be part of Team Tough Chik.  I am just starting to explore the community and all it has to offer and how I can get involved when I came across this great idea.

Running Jennie is doing a Virtual race to race funds for her Team in Training Races.  Its such a good idea. I am also part of team in training and will be fundraising hard core after the first of the year.

I signed up which was super easy  and Jennie offered to share with me any info on how to set up my own virtual race to race funds.  All the money goes to a great cause.

So today, I ran my 5K and here are my results:

Not bad for a lunch time run!  I kept running and finished another mile for a full workout.

More on my virtual race after the first of the year.  If you have any ideas on a theme, I would love to hear it.

In the meantime, sign up for Jennie’s  TINK RUN plus she has great giveaways!



Playground exercises

08 Nov

Here is the list of my new but not so new  work out routine.

30 swimmer push ups

1 minute high step around the medicine ball

30 alternate toe touches

30 punch lunches

1 minute medicine ball squat overhead arm exercises

30 V seat feet forward and pull back

30 each side alternative reach over from overhead to outside of the opposite ankle.

Time has not been on my side so I have not been doing two sets yet.

My knees feel great, and just in time. I heard from my team in training coach today and the first session starts next week.


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List maker

02 Nov

I have a lot of feelings after this week and I just don’t know what to do with them.

My routine of eating and exercising has been crazy due to the Hurricane and my office being closed.  My emotions are all over the map.  I was overwhelmed with worry for my friends and family in harms way and overjoyed when they were ok,  felt helpless for my friends that I could not get to that needed help or lost everything  I was exhilarated by the challenges at work and disappointed that I did not think ahead and have better plans in place,I was overjoyed by the time I spent with my daughter and grandsons and saddened by how quite the house sounds now.

So to make sense of things when I am like this, I need to make a list of to dos..

1. Get a backpack – since I am no longer taking the subway, I need a good backpack to carry my computer and wallet. Function over Fashion.

2. Get some regular playdates with the grandsons, these natural disasters don’t happen that often.

3.  Activate a disaster plan that includes a phone tree and write all the information down .. for work, for the family, for our friends.  We all rely on our contacts in our phones so when the power goes out. POOF there goes the info. Laminate it. Distribute it.

4. Do not miss a workout. If I miss a 30 minute workout, I see a increase in my weepiness.  I can’t blame that on the Hurricane.

5 .Thank every NYPD, FDNY, National Guard and volunteer I see on the city streets.  It is amazing how many of them are out there directing traffic because the lights do not work and repairing store windows and doors and helping the city get back on its feet.

6. I need to focus on the rest of the month.  Strandsgiving on Nov. 17 and the upcoming Thanksgiving trip and Turkey Trot 5K with Laura and Chuck.

7. I am a Sweat Pink Super Sister.  I need to activate the heck out of that and get a bunch of us together!

Now I feel better.


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Sandy Hurricane update

01 Nov

The Hurricane came and delivered quite a whollup to the the NYC area.  Our apartment in Stamford was not affected, which was fortunate, since we were able to host our daughter Pam and grandsons Dylan and Jack for two nights.   Their home had lost power and the area was evacuated.  They live in town that lost 90% of their power.

Dylan is 4 and explained that he was staying with us because his house “ran out of batteries and did not work.”  Jack is 18 months old and is just happy to be anywhere Mom, Dad and his  brother are. Ed stayed behind at the house to take care of the two dogs, Jada and Winnie and set up a generator for the family.  Ed is that kind of guy.  When presented with a problem he works it thru to a solution, even in a Hurricane.

We kept the boys busy playing with dinosaurs, blocks, and coloring.  They were real troppers  and did great.  Halloween snuck up on us and luckily the apartment complex still had trick or treating, so Dylan, dressed as Steve and Jack  dressed as Blue ( both from Blues Clues) hit the fourth floor and the residents were excited to see them. The boys have gone home now and I miss them like crazy.

I am really lucky to have had these two days to have the boys and Pam. My office was out of power as well so I could be home both days!

I know that others have lost so much thru out this event and my heart goes out to them.  I  want to tell you about one such person  that I met a  at the Healthy Living Summit in August  Jen @momsgottarun  She lost her home on Staten Island and she has two small children.  She was actively training to run the NYCM .

Anything you can donate would help out greatly (donations, etc- shoot me an email). There is a paypal account setup to send money is

Want to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy? These three organizations are accepting donations:
3. For the animals:

Special shout out to for the links above.  She is safe and sound in Jersey City.

Thank you so much,


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