Whole Foods- home away from home

30 Sep

I am not going to update you on my training for the half marathon next week because I just can’t talk about it.

I have been working with my health coach who had me do a breakfast challenge this week which resulted in a terrible mood all week. Each day I was to eat a different food and record how I felt ( full, how soon I was hungry) mostly I was pissed all week until I got hungry and drank my green smoothie.  For me, that can take until 1 pm.  So  I officially apologize to everyone for how I acted in the morning.

(Except to the jerks on Metro North. you deserved it).

I am a huge fan of the green smoothie.  I swear if you start drinking one a day in seven days you will feel so much better.  Its like a little light goes on inside.  I am always rushing to make it out of the house so more often than not, I use http://myvega.com/ mixed in orange juice and viola a green protein shake.

The one thing I have learned from health counseling is for this to truly work, I have to be a lot more involved in what food choices I make.  I have relied on my husband to make all the dinner plans since he works closer to home.  So this weekend I spent an hour  at my new home away from home. Whole Foods.

I have been there before, don’t get me wrong, but this time, I was really invested in getting everything for the week and making sure it was the best choices for all our dietary needs.  I had a  menu plan and I even baked this afternoon.  For most of you this isn’t unusual but its a big step for me to take charge of my wellness.  Its so easy to go with convenience foods and make easy choices.  Its tougher to make considered purchases.  The pay off is so worth it.

When a plan comes together it really feels good.  Not to worry, I know there are always adjustments in any plan. Just this week when we celebrated my daughters birthday, I had cheese.  I have eliminated dairy from my diet since January, but this was amazing pizza and her birthday cake wasn’t vegan.  I was fine with it and we had a wonderful time.

So can i tempt you to join a plant based diet with me?


your galfriday4hire

Vegan Food Swap

29 Sep

I had my first experience with a food swap this month and it was wonderful.

Here is a picture of the box i received.  My vegan guardian angel Eleni, introduced me to these wonderful vegan snacks.

I have a treat everyday since the box arrived. I will definitely sign up to do it again next month and now that I have the time line down, be a little more inventive.

To show what a small world it is, Eleni read that I ran at the Philly half and as it turns out, she was there!  She was a volunteer handing out water at mile 3.

If you are interested, here is the website to the vegan food swap.



Its all about the shoes

25 Sep

I am in week 11 of my half marathon training and its all about my shoes, my knees and the foam roller.

Since I am running 9 plus miles on the long runs on Sunday, my knees are killing me.  The pain made it so I had to stop running and start walking.  I have done a lot of reading on runners world and diagnosed myself as having a case of runners knee.

So I am resting this week, no running until Saturday and doing stretches and quad strengthening exercises.  I doubt I will make it until Saturday without running. I should be running 3 miles today and I am already feeling itchy not doing that!

I read that your shoes can be part of the knee problem, so I bought a new pair of running shoes and they are awesome.  Brooks Glycerin series 9.  I got an excellent fit this time, a full shoe size larger than a fashion shoe I would wear and my toes were very happy at the end of the run, my knees not so much.

Hopefully after a few days of rest, they will both be back in sync.

Now, I have several pairs of running shoes that are too small to run in.  Luckily my office is collecting shoes to donate to a very worthy charity.


Here is the box we will be filling up.  Perfect timing.  12 days to the half marathon in Staten Island.


your galfriday4hire

Do you believe in signs? I do.

20 Sep

Do you believe in signs?  I do.

Here is my most recent experience and here is how it validated that belief.

Earlier in July I had a medication reaction that landed me in the hospital overnight.

I was half asleep and in my dream I saw my grandfather who died when I was in my 30s.

I have not thought of my grandfather in so many years. When I woke up it stuck with me and I pondered it for so long.

Why would my grandfather come and visit me when I was so sick and worried?

I was questioning the powers that be – Red Thomas?  Really?  That’s who you send?

My grandfather was a really tough guy.  He was an orphan at 16 and worked in a rubber plant in Elizabethton TN.  One of the few things I remembered about him was he loved Zero candy bars and collected wheat leaf pennies.

As I reflected on my memories of him as I recovered over the next few weeks, I remembered that he did love me very much, I was his first grandchild, that he adored my grandmother as did I and that he was heartbroken by my mother, as have I been.  We had a lot in common and I determined he was telling me its all going to be ok.

So this Saturday on the way to running my first half marathon, I was talking to Chuck and reflecting on how much better I feel since that night in the hospital and how glad I am that I was able to return to running and training.

That’s when it hit me.

The nickname my Grandfather had for me

Philadelphia Philly.

I thoughts i knew all of reasons why I picked the Philadelphia Rock and Roll half marathon, but at that moment I realized I had a nudge in the right direction.

Thanks Grandpa.


Your galfriday4hire

I DID IT- 13.1 in the books

16 Sep

I ran the Philadelphia Rock and Roll half marathon this morning.  I still can’t believe it happened but the medal and the muscle fatigue prove to me that it did.

I am one very grateful person this evening to the city of Philadelphia for a great course and the people at the  Rock and Roll Marathon series for running a great program.   There were lots of support everywhere and as it was as advertised perfect for first timers.

I would also like to thank my race sherpa, Chuck who was amazing and understood why I burst into tears right before the race and never offered to take me home and forget about the whole thing because I probably would have taken him up on it.

Confidence is still an issue with me.  Even though I am running the whole time, this little devil sits on my shoulder taunting me to slow down, to give up, asking me what am I trying to prove?  I fight back with my list of all the things I am happy about.  Happy that Istudied the race map and know whats coming next, happy that I wore the race shorts instead of the capri leggings, happy that this is so gorgeous and happy that I CAN run.

Any advice on building confidence and kicking that lazy devil off the shoulder would be greatly appreciated!

We had a wonderful weekend in Philly.  We ate lunch in Reading Terminal on Saturday and had ate an  italian dinner on South Street.

I have lots of photos on my facebook page if you would like to see them:


So now I have work to do, I fell off my pace at miles 11-13.  I had shaky legs and could not find a stride or a stretch to make it work.  I didn’t walk or run at some points, it was more of a wobble.  So I will work on hydration, carbs and long runs between now and Oct. 7.

Oct. 7  is the Staten Island Half Marathon that I will be running with my daughter Laura and celebrating my 52nd birthday!

I will leave you with this photo from today.


Within minutes of this photo, I met two great ladies and we talked all the way to the starting line.

I lost them on the course, but we had a great time when we were together.

Runners are the best !






your galfriday4hire


What We Ate Wednesday – 09/12

12 Sep

This is my second posting for What We Ate Wednesday.

Tonite’s dinner was Cajun Salmon, Oven Roasted Potatoes (Olive Oil and Rosemary) and Peas.

I also have a new vegetarian cookbook.  My mother found it and sent it to us.  We mentioned to her that we were now eating a vegan diet (includes fish).  So, it was a surprise when we received it.  There are a lot of recipes that look amazing, which includes both vegetarian and vegan versions.  It’s available on amazon.  http://www.amazon.com/Rose-Elliots-New-Complete-Vegetarian/dp/1402778953

The tags at the top of the book, are markers that my wife, Phyllis, placed after finding recipes that she really liked. Those will be featured in a later post.

Smart Coach training plan review

10 Sep




I am on week 10 on my training plan and I have to say it has done me well.  I would recommend it but it does lack the human factor.

Here is the note I received  today .  no warm fuzzies here:

Rest Day

 Take a rest day, or do some cross-training such as walking, biking, swimming, elliptical training or strength training. Rest days are when your body recovers, and builds muscle and fitness. Some runners undermine their training plans by exercising too much on rest/recovery days; don’t be one of them.


Science has proven it: Listening to music while you run can reduce your perception of effort and elevate your mood. Runner’s World has collected playlists from the nation’s top runners, along with songs that scientists have proven will help you pick up the tempo. You can find the perfect sound track for your next run on the playlists page on runnersworld.com/musi

Sort of blah blah.  I am always running faster than my plan dictates and I havent gone back in to change anything.  I am not sure why I would.

I have not received a  “way to go ” motivating email during the whole training plan or even a personalization in the greeting.

So if you are looking for a plan with warm fuzzies this isn’t one.


your galfriday4hire

Staying focused

10 Sep

This has been a very busy week full of lots of moves forward personally, professionally and fitfully ( is that word?)

I had my first session with my health coach, Robin.  I was anxious, of course, stepping into the unknown always make me anxious, but it was great. We will be working together over the next 6 months working on the health goals that I have worked out with her.  She helped me articulate goals that I didn’t even know I had and put some in perspective. So the cover of Fitness Magazine is off the list for now, just kidding.

I have kept up with my half marathon training plan and my workouts. I am adding chia seeds to my green Smoothies now to aid in muscle recovery, since I am running longer distances every week.  I also really enjoy the long runs.  It’s awesome to feel that stretch. I am so fortunate to have met so many awesome people at the Healthy Living Summit who helped me see that you can and should make time for yourself .

This blog won’t be a place for me to discuss my job, but I will say that I love my job and have the opportunity to learn something new everyday and work with amazing and forward thinking people. It was great this week to be recognized for my part in moving that  along.

I was in a meeting today and someone discussed a 5k this Sunday and was looking for a running buddy . Well guess who is running ?


I am always challenged by running in Central Park, so I am going to do the 5k. I think it will give me the confidence I need as my half marathon gets closer.

Update-   I ran the race and had a personal 5 K best 30:01.  I was fueled by all the brave women running around me.


your galfriday4hire







What I Ate Wednesday, the first posting.

08 Sep

This is my first posting on What I Ate Wednesday.

The food that I am preparing fits into an interesting category.  It’s a hybrid of a vegan who eats fish.  It’s Pescetarianism, but as a vegan.  It’s a gluten free, dairy free and egg-free.  It makes it more challenging to have meals that are not only interesting, but also delicious.

So, let’s get right to the meal that I made.  It was grilled Mango Coconut Mahi Mahi, Fried Rice with Peas and Steamed Broccoli.  I have had this before and it was amazing.  I will be posting pictures.  This means that I need to work on my plating skills and also how best set it up to take a picture.  This is the first attempt.