Green Smoothies

28 Aug

I hear a lot of questions about why I went vegan and it’s true that I started for purely health reasons. I was scared to death and was ready to do anything to keep my life on track.
The good news is a year later that situation is resolved and I am sticking with it.

Anyway, that is not what this post is about. If you are even thinking of trying a vegan lifestyle and want to have a sneak peek on how could you could feel, I encourage you to try a green smoothie a day for 30 days. I bet in 10 days you will feel a little light go on.
I don’t use a fancy juicer,I use Vega One“> and juice oranges plus kale or spinach and put it my normal blender with ice cubes and mix it up. YUM!
Vega one has single serving smoothie mixes that you can use too that I have tried and they are good as well.

Try it and let me know if you do!

Evidence of a great run

26 Aug

It is the morning after my 10 mile run and I still feel amazing.

Luckily, I took this picture around mile 5, otherwise I would have trouble believing it really happened.

I have listened to all of my running and motivational coaches and stuck to a training program and was able to complete this run and have a wonderful Saturday. Today’s recovery run of 2.5 went really well and I am going to make sure and get in some yoga this week.











Thank you Jen  for this word to describe it all.



Your galfriday4hire


Healthy Living Summit- an idea takes flight

25 Aug

As a new adopter of a healthy fitness lifestyle, I have been such an avid reader of health blogs for advice. So many of you out there have helped me along the way to where I am now.

I wanted to attend to see if my story stacked up.  I know, it sounds kind of  silly, but I am not the typical age of all the health bloggers out there and I was not sure what reaction I would get.

I was well prepped by The Healthy Living Summit site -so I had my conference to do list.

Set up blog –done! On the Tuesday before the summit with the help of my very talented Technical genius husband, went live.

Business cards -done! Kinda cool. I went with a cheerleader theme inspired by my recent trip to Bring It On The Musical and my love of cheerleading. ( YES, IT IS A SPORT) I was a coach for my girls competition team in middle school.  Best time ever! I like to think of myself as a megaphone.  Getting the word out on healthly living and the joys of exercise.

Anxious -check! I made an anxious call to my very accomplished daughter who talked me off the ledge and told me to get over myself and have fun. Who raised her to be so self assured and cool?  Oh yeah. that was me.

I got my name tag and  swag bag and checked right into the greatist session with Derek. It was amazing to hear his story and his enthusiam  for his business.   His statement that for his generation there isn’t a Health and Wellness spokesperson really hit home for me.  He is right.  The young ones really don’t have anyone to look up to. I had Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. Not that I listened back then.

After Derek answered questions, we had a chance to network and meet each other in small groups.  This was my chance, so as we all introduced ourselves, I told them my vision for galfriday4hire.

It was met with such enthusiasm that here I am blogging away.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH and that was just the beginning…


Your galfriday4hire

running galfriday4hire






Vegan traveler

21 Aug

I have just returned from a five day mini vacation and my first as a vegan / pescatarian.  It did prove to be a bit of a challenge, but with some pre- planning it worked out fine.

Since I am training for a half marathon Oct 7, I am sticking to the SmartCoach training program from Runners World.  Its been great so far, but as my runs are more frequent and the mileage is getting longer, I just do not have the stamina.   I have contacted a health coach to work with me on my diet to find ways to boost my nutrition and build up my strength.

Robin and I will start working together in Sept.  I encourage everyone to check out her site and read her free e-book on nutrition.  Its a real eye opener.

Now, back to some hightlights from the trip.  I ate at the Healthly Living Summit conference, very few vegan options at breakfast, but they made up for it at lunch with an amazing vegan chili and tomato/avocado salad. Dinner that night was at Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge.  Amazing vegan mac and cheese.  It was so good that I ordered an extra one to take home and put in the freezer.

The next day I ate at the toll plazas on 95 which now have lots of fruits and salads and the Delaware house had a Farmers Market stand!  I picked up some lovely peaches.   Dinner was at the Bonefish Grill, where I tried Grouper fish for the first time.  Yummy.

On Monday, we went the Washington DC to tour the monuments, tourist central – VEGGIE burgers at the Museum of American History and very good salad bar.  When the group got an ice cream treat in the afternoon, I had a equally refreshing dairy free, lemon italian ice.  It was lovely.

Today was more of a challenge on the way home, because the traffic was bad and the choices looked bleak, plus we had the dog in the car and so we could not go into a restaurant. So, it almost looked like drive thru was going to be the way to go… but, then over the horizon I saw the Cracker Barrel sign.

I know you are thinking, Cracker Barrel?  What is healthy about that?  Well let me tell you.. I looked on the site and they have a country vegetable platter, which is 4 sides of their vegetables that they will serve without butter.  They will not guarantee the corn muffin is dairy free that comes with it, but the veges were ok. So off the exit ramp we went.  I walked up to the very sweet hostess and asked to place a take out order.  Veges for me, chicken sandwich for the carnivore.

I waited inside and my dear hubby took the pup for a little exercise around the restaurant.  While I was there waiting, I browsed the candy section looking for a little treat, thinking there had to be a something I could eat . ( I am also egg free – thats an upcoming post) Candy corn hit my eye.  YES!  grabbed it, turned it over, EGG WHITES.


So, with every victory, a little defeat.  I will start looking for an egg free candy corn.


Your galfriday4hire

Healthy Living Summit- the morning after

19 Aug

Two weeks ago I saw on tweeter that my fitness hero, Amanda Brooks @runtothefinish was speaking at the Healthy Living Summit in Boston this weekend.  I thought, ok, I have been following her and following  several  of her followers through the last year of my fitness and wellness journey maybe I should try and go.

I was go excited that registration was still open, a room was available at the hotel and my husband found a car show to go to the same weekend in Boston.  That was only the beginning of how many riches that have come my way since. There will be several blog posts on the information on blogging, health tips, brand products, exercise, Boston, but most importantly FRIENDS!

The bloggers I met were so wonderful!  There are people out there just like me that are talking to friends, family and co worker and yes even strangers with the same message- YES, You CAN.

You can- exercise , run, cook, cook healthier, do yoga, start mediation, drink green smoothies, go vegan, take better pictures, whatever it is you want to YOU CAN DO it.

I am so happy to have tapped into that network and will be a responsible member.

More later, I have a to list to fill out and work to do!


Your Galfriday4hire


I met Amanda and even got a pic with her.  Was too embarrassed to asked for a copy.  Maybe she will see this post.